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75 Visually Impaired Children showcase their talent at “Ability Children’s Festival”

Visually Impaired play chess, recite poetry and showcase talent at children’s day festival hosted at Sankara Eye Hospital by Young Indians and Surya For Life
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 13-11-2017 | Views: 450
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When 10 year Mahesh was applauded by the audience for his Beat Boxing, he looked like any other child, except that he could not see the audience. Impairment and handicap are words that either scare us or bring out sympathy. To encourage people to look at the ability beyond impairment Sankara Eye Hospital Bangalore and Young Indians- CII supported by Surya for Life hosted a unique day long festival, “Ability Children’s Festival” for visually impaired children.

Dr Y Umesh Chief Medical Officer, Sankara Eye Hospital, Bangalore shared, “Every Child has an ability to blossom if provided the right environment and support. Sankara Eye Hospital’s Vision Rehabilitation Department working with over 150 children with impairment realized that many of them had immense talent that could not be projected. Today we are glad to have provided them a platform”. 

“Young Indians has looked to be the voice of Young India. Children with impairment need a support system for a stronger India to evolve. Looking beyond the usual awareness events, we bring together an assortment of activities for children and teens with Visual Impairment who can bond and showcase their talent and gain self-confidence,” shared Laeeq Ali, Co-Chair of CII-Young Indians, Bengaluru.

The event was inaugurated by Dr SV Balasubramaniam Chairman, Sankara Eye Foundation India Dr RV Ramani, Founder & Managing Trustee Sankara Eye Foundation India and Ms Poornima, Founder Surya for Life.

Ms Poornima, Founder Surya for Life, “At Surya for Life as a volunteer initiative, we have been supporting projects for visually impaired children. The “Ability Children’s Festival”, has been an eye-opener of the immense talent among children. 

Dance, singing, instrumental music, mimicry, beat-boxing were among the myriad talents on show from the 75 visually impaired children under care of various organisations in the city. Sport events including chess and athletics were also held along the sidelines, encouraging physical and mental well-being among the children. Another unique aspect was a session by the Young Indians – CII under their project Masoom which taught these children on tips to avoid abuse. 
The event demonstrated the willingness of various stakeholders in Bangalore to work towards an inclusive society.

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