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Kids Wear Just Got Upscale Fashionable With Little Tags

Little Tags is a multi-label e-commerce website for children ** An E-Boutique Exclusively For Children
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 27-10-2017 | Views: 677
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The concept of a pristine online store that exclusively offers high-end designer products has recently been made a reality with the launch of ‘Little Tags’. Now there is a new e-fashion player on the block, an abode to luxury for kids; where you can discover a wide range of designer kids’ clothes.
The online store offers the world's best kids' clothes, footwear and accessories from a huge spectrum of designers for children aged up to 14 year. Little Tags has made its foray into the Kidswear fashion scene by joining hands with the most celebrated luxury labels, such as Masaba Gupta, Shivan & Narresh, Monisha Jaising, Rina Dhaka, Pallavi Mohan, Ridhima Bhasin, Anand Bhushan, Sahil Aneja, and many more well-known names from the Indian fashion industry. Apart from these Indian designers, also on board is eminent Turkish designer Ebru Danyal. The patrons can get a piece of vibrant India and the world fashion from the best of designer kids' brands with just a click.

Helmed by Chandni Agarwal, Founder, the website has already made a splash with its recent launch. Chandni, a couture connoisseur and a multi-tasking mother, brings her personal style, her vision, her love for kids to the new e-commerce destination offering best assortment of luxurious products.

On the recent launch of Little Tags online store, she says “I decided to venture into this space to get all good quality, well-made clothes for kids under one roof. With rising purchasing power and changing tastes of the discerning Indian consumer, parents are now actively seeking luxury clothes for their little ones. Little Tags offers them the convenience to shop with a click and browse through the latest collections that are making a splash in India and internationally. We at Little Tags take kids fashion with the same seriousness as adult’s fashion. Collaborating with the best names has given us edge over the other players in the segment. With Little Tags, I hope to reach out customers who are willing to stretch their budget for something unique that adds value to their child’s wardrobe.”  

For More Information Contact :

Rhea Sakhuja / E-Mail :


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