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Kiko Milano Open its first Store in Mumbai

KIKO Milano has been in the industry for over 20 years with more than 1000 stores worldwide and is now looking to further strengthen its presence in the Indian beauty industry. With its widespread international presence across 20 countries, the brand makes its first entry in Mumbai, after having launched 3 stores in Delhi, NCR
Mumbai | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 09-09-2017 | Views: 474
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Kiko Milano Open its first Store in Mumbai. This year KIKO Milano completed 20 years of beauty and achieved yet another milestone with the launch of its 1000th store worldwide in April. The uniqueness and creativity of KIKO products is inspired by the Italian tradition of art, fashion & design. KIKO is a one-stop shop for all, as it caters to the professional and personal beauty needs with its vast collections and innumerable colour palettes. 

“As KIKO is a one stop beauty destination for all make up lovers, it gives me immense pleasure to announce the launch of KIKO's first store in ?the Fashion Capital, Mumbai. KIKO MILANO is an international vibrant brand, which must have its presence all over India” says Annanya Sabarwal, Country Director, Kiko Milano.  

“We are happy to launch our Fourth  store in Mumbai . We aim to continue to keep up with the fast pace and look forward to opening many more stores across the country"? says Timmy Sarna, Managing Director & CEO, DLF Brands Ltd. 

In this short span of time KIKO has managed to capture plenty of hearts with its diverse range of make up, skincare & beauty accessories. KIKO’s initiative of launching limited edition capsule collections on the completion of two decades in the beauty industry has successfully garnered loyalists. The continuous excitement around KIKO Milano’s products, limited edition collections & the extensive choices it has to offer, all contribute to the rapid growth of KIKO in India. Beauty belongs to everybody and life as a matter of colours is the way we live - this is the vision of KIKO MILANO. 

For its 20th anniversary, KIKO has chosen to partner with seven international brands linked with emerging designers who will celebrate the very essence of KIKO and its most important values: colour, creativity, talent and an all-Italian style. The selected designers will design seven limited edition capsule collections, and it will launch throughout the year 2017.

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