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A 'Degree for Denims' by Lee Jeans in Association with NIFT, Bangalore

As a part of this talent incubation program, Lee reached out to the final semester students from the fashion institution to impart the philosophy and concept behind the brand’s latest range of denims – Body Optix and the concept of vision science which was used to create these latest range of denims. Designers from Lee, together with their global vision scientists, have studied how the human eye perceives key features, and leveraged precision patterning, contouring and shading techniques to create a 360-degree enhancing optical illusion
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 16-10-2017 | Views: 600
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Lee, the iconic denim brand with over 128 years of rich heritage has been synonymous with ‘innovation’ in the world fashion! With immense wealth of research and learnings, Lee associated with National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Bangalore one of the best design schools in the country, conducted a one of its kind Talent Incubation Programme – ‘A DEGREE FOR DENIM’ at the NIFT Campus.

34 students of the final year batch were mentored by Lee on the concept of Vision Science and they were given a brief design outfits using the principles of vision science and they need to also use some amount of denim in their outfits. The designs were displayed through a scintillating fashion show at the NIFT campus today.  
The winning design by Rupika Goyal was based on the concept of vision science that made use of polka dots. The design was chosen by the esteemed jury comprising of Mr. Puneet Khosla, Managing Director, Lee India, Prof. V. Sivalingam Director, NIFT Bengaluru and Prof. C.A Rayan Project Co-ordinator Lee Denim Degree Finale 2017.
Rupika Goyal the winner received a certificate and a gift hamper from Puneet Khosla, Managing Director, Lee India and Prof. V. Sivalingam Shiva, Director NIFT, Bangalore.
Congratulating the winner, Mr. Puneet Khosla, Managing Director, Lee India shared, “Innovation is in our DNA, we have put in years of research and modernization into developing the latest best pair of denim wear. The consumer is at the centre of what we do and every innovation is developed through investments in continuous consumer research and insights. Working with fresh young talent is always exciting for us, as it helps us re-inventing and innovating our brand. He also added, “We have specially worked with the final semester students, as they have already been through the rigours of design school curriculum and will be able to bring our philosophy to life in their own ways.”
Talking about the association, Prof. V. Sivalingam, Director NIFT Bangalore, said “Youngsters in our country are hardworking and dedicated towards their work. They just need accurate motivation so that their talent can be channelized and they are all set to amaze the fashion world.” He further added, “This Talent Incubation Programme has given the young designers a dream opportunity not only to showcase their talent in the competitive textile industry, also to be individually trained by an international brand like Lee.”

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