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Zee Kannada Kutumba Awards 2017

Awards recognize the diverse and exemplary talent within the ‘Zee Kannada Kutumba’ ** ~ Event to be telecast on Zee Kannada on 14th and 15th October 2017
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 12-10-2017 | Views: 956
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Zee Kannada has announced the winners across thirty-eight categories at the Zee Kannada Kutumba Awards. In its 11th year, the event was an entertainment extravaganza that paid tribute to members of the ‘Zee Kutumba’ who have contributed towards establishing and strengthening Zee Kannada’s position as one of the fastest growing General Entertainment Channels in Karnataka. Held at Bangalore’s Koramangala Indoor Stadium on Sunday 8th October 2017, the Zee Kannada Kutumba Awards will be televised on Zee Kannada on 14th and 15th October 2017.   

This year, the Kutumba Awards recognized the best actors, anchors and experts who have made Zee Kannada the one-stop entertainment destination for Kannadiga families around the world. The star-studded evening brought together the who’s who of Sandalwood at the red carpet including Punit Rajkumar, Jaggesh, Yogaraj Bhat, Rajesh Krishna, Krishna Ajay Rao, Shruti Hariharan, Srinagar Kitty, Meghana Raj, Satish Neenasam, B.C.Patil, S. Narayan, JK, Jayateertha, Dhananjay and Hebbuli Krishna as they collectively raised the entertainment quotient. 

The evening also included a series of performances by Zee Kannada’s talent pool and the all-time favourite kids from SaReGaMaPa Lil Champs and Drama Juniors keeping the audience captivated with their group dance performances. The event also showcased the romantic on-screen chemistry through ethereal performances by the lead couples of popular fiction dramas, Naagini, Brahmagantu, Yaare Ne Mohini and Jodi Hakki. The celebratory emotion was further heightened further by the presence of Sandalwood Powerstar Puneeth Rajkumar and his exhilarating entry. He was awarded the Highest Rated World Television Premiere (WTP) Award for ‘Doddmane Hudga’. 

Zee Kannada paid its tribute to three fiction artists who were instrumental in transforming the Kannada television industry—Mahanadi serial actress Rachana Gowda and veteran actors Padma Kumta and BV Radha. 

The evening witnessed awards being presented to outstanding talent over thirty-eight categories, recognising their contribution in strengthening the relationships with Zee Kannada’s viewers. Actress Lakshmi was awarded with the Pride of Zee Kannada Award for having completed 50 years in Sandalwood and it is the pride of Zee Kannada to have her as part of our Zee Kutumba.

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