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Duroply Welcomes its Valued Dealers for the New Year with 'SHUBHAARAMBH' Welcome Kit, Symbolising Auspicious Beginnings and Growth

DUROPLY honoured over 1,050 Esteemed Dealers Nationwide with the SHUBHAARAMBH Kit and Dealer Certificates *** SHUBHAARAMBH KIT Constituted a Sacred Ram Temple Replica, Ram Charit Manas and Charan Paduka *** DUROPLY Draws inspiration from Lord Rama's Timeless Teachings of Upholding values in the Plywood Industry *** DUROPLY is committed to embodying noble virtues in ensuring premium plywood so that the customers home interiors last generations
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 29-04-2024 | Views: 271
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Duroply, India’s premium and most experienced among the leading plywood companies, welcomed its valued dealers to a brand new year with a ‘Subhaarambh’ welcome kit, symbolising auspicious beginnings and growth. Duroply honoured over 1,050 esteemed dealers nationwide with Subhaarambh Kit and Dealer Certificates. Subhaarambh Kit constituted a replica of the Sacred Ram Temple, epic Ram Charit Manas, and a Charan Paduka.

Mr. Akhilesh Chitlangia, Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Duroply,  said, "Just as Lord Rama's life exemplifies the virtues of integrity, resilience, and compassion, we at Duroply take inspiration from the teachings from Lord Rama in our endeavour of providing premium plywood to our esteemed customers. We practice integrity in our manufacturing process, thus demonstrating compassion for our employees, customers, and the environment. Our range of plywood, blockboards, doors and laminates are resilient which ensures that the interiors of our esteemed customers last generations.”

He further added, “At Duroply, every day it is our endeavour to commit ourselves to the righteous path embodying timeless values of Lord Rama. We chose the contents of Subhaarambh Kit as a demonstration of our commitment to the teachings of Lord Rama and his life journey.”

Esteemed dealers of Duroply share the same timeless values and virtues of Lord Rama and hence, were delighted to receive the Subhaarambh Kit, together with their 2024 - 25  Dealer Certificates.

The replica of the sacred Ram temple, Ram Charit Manas and Charan Paduka serve as a tangible embodiment of Duroply's reverence for tradition and its dedication to upholding values of righteousness and integrity. Just as Lord Rama's teachings emphasize integrity and resilience, Duroply's products are crafted to withstand the test of time, ensuring that consumers and interiors alike are built to last, embodying the essence of Lord Rama's timeless wisdom.

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