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DUROPLY launches PODCAST SERIES 'BEYOND BLUEPRINTS' that explores Design Philosophy of Leading Interior Designers and Architects

Duroply ED and COO Akhilesh Chitlangia has launched this pathbreaking podcast series *** Leading interior designers and architects explain about their life journey and factors that influenced their evolution as a designer and their design philosophy *** With this podcast series, Indians can connect with and identify a designer basis which designer’s design philosophy resonates their dream home *** With rising affluence, more Indians are going for interior designers and architects to ensure that their home is a reflection of their personality
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 22-03-2024 | Views: 464
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Duroply, premium and most experienced among the leading plywood players in India, has unveiled its latest initiative, "Beyond Blueprints'', a podcast series where interior designers and architects bring to life their evolution and factors that have evolved their design philosophy. Duroply Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Akhilesh Chitlangia is the host of this unique podcast series that addresses a critical emerging need where many Indians have begun getting interiors of their houses designed by a professional interior designer and architect.

All videos of interviews with architects and interior designers are available on the Duro TV Channel on YouTube, while all the episodes of podcasts can be found searching for Beyond Blueprints on Spotify.

Mr. Akhilesh Chitlangia, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer, Duroply, said, "We believe that everyone deserves a well-designed home that reflects their personal style and preferences. With 'Beyond Blueprints,' we hope to demystify the world of interior design and architecture, making it understandable and accessible to all."

He further added, "Our goal is to empower individuals with the knowledge and inspiration they need to make their homes aesthetically beautiful and at the same time, functional spaces. Through engaging conversations with industry experts, 'Beyond Blueprints' aims to empower every Indian to see their thoughts take shape in their home’s interior design. This podcast is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the world of interior design."

On the necessity of such a podcast series, Mr. Chitlangia added, “With rising affluence, and the trend of larger homes, more Indians are now wanting to go that extra mile to engage an architect and interior designer. As an innovation driven customer centric Company, we have been providing solutions that we feel is the need of the masses. ‘Beyond Blueprint’ was conceived to address this need to gain insight into the creative minds that shapes home design.”

‘Beyond Blueprints’ offers a unique opportunity for homeowners to delve into the world of architects and designers, gaining a deeper understanding of the thought processes and ideas that go into creating stunning living spaces.

An interior designer or an architect is also a human being and he/ she also goes through the same pulls and pressures of life. This journey gives birth to innovative ideas and solutions, that is a fusion of aesthetics and functionality, beauty and affordability, and grandiose looks and efficient space management.

Duroply invites homeowners, design enthusiasts, and anyone interested in the world of interior architecture to tune in and explore the endless possibilities of home design.

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