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Free Residential Study Center for Women Graduates aspiring for Civil Services - 'RAAH SUPER 30' inaugurated

A milestone in Educational Inclusivity ** Training for civil examinations for underprivileged women graduates from all communities
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 11-03-2024 | Views: 489
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In a momentous step towards educational inclusivity, 'RAAH Super 30,' a free residential study center by RAAH ACADEMY, dedicated to nurturing the ambitions of underprivileged, meritorious women graduates aspiring for success in civil service examinations was inaugurated here today.

'RAAH SUPER 30 ' was inaugurated by Rajya Sabha MP, GC Chandrashekar, along with Moulana Dr. Mohammed Maqsood Imran Rashadi, Khatib O Imam, Jamia Masjid, City Market, Bengaluru, Rev. Dr. Francis Assisi Almeida, Secretary, Karnataka Regional Commission of Education, Congress leader Nivedith Alva and RAAH Academy Trustee, Syed Ahmed Hussain

The study center located at the Mango layout, Kanakapura, is a beacon of hope and progress to deserving underprivileged women graduates from socially and economically backward backgrounds in the pursuit of educational excellence.

GC Chandrashekar, MP, Rajya Sabha

Inaugurating the RAAH study center, Chandrashekhar said it is exceptional that people at RAAH are not looking for an educational institute as a money-making business but to provide free education with residential facilities. “That too helping women from economically backward to write civil exams is a noble and novel initiative. Through this facility, RAAH Academy once again reiterates its commitment to empowering the marginalized and ensuring equal opportunities “he said.

Further, Chandrashekar said that in India, most of the IAS officers come from Uttara Pradesh, and from Karnataka, numbers are lesser. “Through such an initiative, the number of IAS officers from Karnataka will increase he added.

Dr. Mohammed Maqsood Imran Rashadi, who graced the occasion, said, “Education and literacy are two different aspects. Education adds value to our lives and thoughts. Our society needs a civil servant with humanity. The institution that can impart value-based education can raise an officer with values. Am sure, students who study here will become officers with better human qualities.

While Rev. Dr. Francis Assisi Almeida said “Providing free education without expectation is real service to society. Women don’t require sympathy. They need empathy. Hussain is doing such a noble job, and I am sure he will achieve success” he said.

Mrs. Rehana Shameem, Chairman, RAAH Academy, Mrs. May Ruth D’souza, Principal, Insight Academy, Congress leader Nivedith Alva, PRO Kantharaj, and others were present.

The RAAH Super 30 Program: A Philanthropic Endeavor by Mr. Syed Ahmed Hussain

Elated about the offering, Mr. Syed Ahmed Hussain, Trustee, RAAH Academy said “The inauguration of ‘RAAH Super 30’ is a momentous occasion for us at RAAH Academy. It aligns with our core values of education, empowerment, and inclusivity. We believe that every deserving individual, regardless of their background, should have an equal shot at success,"

He further emphasized, “RAAH Super 30' stands as a testament to the academy's unwavering belief that education is the key to breaking the chains of socio-economic disparity.  Through this facility, we aim to provide a conducive environment and necessary resources to underprivileged young women, empowering them to pursue their dreams of becoming civil servants."

"Today India is a human superpower of the world. Many talented women graduates face obstacles in pursuing competitive examinations due to financial constraints, social obligations, and lack of guidance. We want to address these challenges by not only providing study materials but also creating a supportive and conducive environment for these aspiring young women” he added.

When a woman is educated, she becomes a catalyst to the entire community - Syed Ahmed Hussain

Stressing on bringing women into the mainstream through education, Hussain recalled how his mother being from a Muslim community, went to Maharani college during the 60s and having received education those days, today, she has established a free educational institute for women, it is her brainchild. “Educating a woman is very important. The first teacher at home is the mother. We need to give emphasis to educate women as she is the first teacher at home. When a woman is educated, she becomes a catalyst to the entire community.

“It was Maharani Kempananjammanni, of Vani Vilas regency of Mysuru who established Maharanis College in 1917. If she had not given importance to education; we might not be able to study in a renowned educational institution like Maharanis College today. We are institution builders. Institutions are not built by brick, they are built by values, commitment, and ideologies, and so are we. We are offering this IAS study center to help women from economically weaker sections so that they work for the betterment and transformation of society. If women who study here reach higher, our purpose is served, "he added.

Initially, applications from aspiring candidates who have completed their graduation across all sections of the society in the state were invited to apply for the 'RAAH Super 30' program through the official website

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