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Demand Gap for Water in Bengaluru to be 514 MLD by 2050 Say Experts at IPA Plumbex India 2023

IPA submits a memorandum of water use efficiency to Jal Shakti Mission, Bureau of Water Use Efficiency to be Net Zero Water in Built Environment ** Uniform Illustrated Plumbing Code-India 2023 Unveiled
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 29-04-2023 | Views: 924
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'Plumbex India 2023', India's largest exhibition of water, sanitation & plumbing products was inaugurated by Archana Varma, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Jal Shakti & Mission Director, Jal Shakti Mission and senior office bearers of Indian Plumbing Association (IPA). At the inaugural session of the three day summit supported by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs and Ministry of Jal Shakti, experts expressed the urgent need for water conservation, awareness and adoption of sustainable low flow fixtures & sanitaryware. As part of its initiative to co-operate and assist the government in policy formation to make India water positive, IPA submitted a memorandum of water use efficiency to Jal Shakti Mission, Bureau of Water Use Efficiency to be Net Zero Water in Built Environment. Some of the recommendations of the memorandum include water meter installations for every individual connection, mandating use of low flow fixtures, rainwater harvesting in every built space, use of treated water in all built spaces, periodic Water Audit in all major public use Installations and large housing complexes and education and awareness on water saving and conserving to masses. Uniform Illustrated Plumbing Code-India 2023 was unveiled at the inauguration.

Appealing to IPA to promote water saving in an engaging and innovative way, Archana Varma said, "Fresh water is a finite resource and many cities in India may soon be unable to supply fresh water to its citizens. Currently the country has only 1126 MCM of water and by 2050 the demand for fresh water is expected to touch 1180 MCM. It is well known that water can be saved through good plumbing and low flow fixtures, and it is here that associations like IPA can play a crucial role in creating awareness on water conservation. Currently in India the plumbing and sanitaryware market is pegged at Rs 50,000 crores and only five percent is low flow water saving equipment. There is an urgent need to promote water saving fixtures and inculcate a culture of water saving right down to the last individual in the country."

Speaking at the inauguration Mr. Gurmit Singh Arora, Indian Plumbing Association (IPA) - National President said "Water tables in many of our cities are fast depleting and today, the average water table in Bengaluru is about 800 feet which was just 100 feet around 30 years ago. Bengaluru once had over 1000 lakes today only around 200 remain. By 2025 the demand for water in the city will increase to 2314 MLD leaving the city with a demand gap of 514 MLD. The Government of India has announced that India will reach carbon neutrality by 2070, however this cannot be achieved unless we achieve water, energy and waste neutrality and move towards net zero water in buildings and built environment. At IPA's 'I save water mission' we have saved crores of litres of water and our target this year is to save 1,000 crore liters of water. In order to move towards net zero water, we need to install low flow fixtures & sanitaryware, rain water harvesting, reclamation of all black and grey water and create awareness on our actual water footprint."

"IPA has formed 'IPA Vanita Ladies Wing' to take the message for water saving across India. We are also in partnership and have a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with NAREDCO MAHI (National Real Estate Development Council) for the same. IPA is also working with the Bureau of Water Use Efficiency (BWUE), and we are on the board to ensure water saving and conservation. IPA has constituted a committee on treatment of all used water and the only Code in India is being written and deliberated by this Technical Committee. We have also organized 'NEERATHON' a water awareness festival in five cities, beginning with Bengaluru to create awareness for water conservation." Gurmit Singh Arora added.

IPA is also working with the Energy Ministry to rewrite the Energy Conservation and Building Code in its new avatar, called 'The Energy Conservation and Building Sustainability Code' which will not only save energy, but also water and waste.

The latest Innovations in Sanitaryware, Bathroom Fixtures & Fittings, Pipes & Fittings, Pumps, Valves & Fittings, STP & WTP, Hot Water Systems, Water Filtration & Purification Plants, Fire Fighting Equipment & Systems, Drainage Solutions etc., will be showcased during Plumbex India 2023 at India's largest standalone exhibition for plumbing, water, sanitation, products and services.

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