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Rest to Stay Mentally Fit

Article by Nishant Agarwalla
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 04-04-2022 | Views: 271
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Rest is the best way to recover from a day full of hard work. But did you know that we can keep ourselves mentally fit by resting? Mr. AksharaDamle, a counselling psychologist, elaborated on his definition of REST for us, "R stands for Resilience and Reflectivity, E stands for Equilibrium of affection, behaviour, and cognition, S stands for sense of satisfaction, fulfilment, and gratitude, and T stands for true perception."

AksharaDamle is a counselling psychologist, graphologist, harmony coach, and international trainer and speaker. Hailing from Sullia a small town in Southern Karnatka, he completed his pre-university from there and he later shifted to pursue a B.S.C in Bio Technology from Alva’s College in Moodubidire. In college, he found a lot of people sharing their personal problems with Akshara and he used to give them solutions, which fortunately worked all the time, but he realised what if it didn’t work someday. It inspired him to learn about human behaviour and psychology. Being a gold medalist, an intern in one of the top bio technology lab in Bengaluru and later making a shift to psychology was not easy for him. His lectures advised him to stay in the field of technology, but Akshara changed his mind. He completed his M.Sc in Psychology from the University of Madras and also completed a certification in graphology.

The life after college was not easy for him as he didn’t have many clients and he couldn’t afford an office in the city. The internet came to his rescue, just like many others. The boom of the internet in India because of Jio helped him. "I thank Mr. MukeshAmbani," AksharaDamle told This Week India. At the starting point of his career people questioned his age and his experience, but with his dedication today, he has a client retention rate of over 90%. He even joked about keeping beard to look older in his interview. He shared his experience of delivering a talk in Police Academy to appointed constables, and people were shocked by his age. At the end of the session, many people came and said, "We were shocked when we saw how young you were, but now we are amazed by your knowledge."

"People suppress and distract themselves from their problems by drinking alcohol and smoking. Instead, we should try to look at the problem and understand the root cause of it." AksharaDamle’s answer to why do people suggest drinking or smoking when they are sad, tense, or angry?
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