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United Hospital, Jayanagar, Bengaluru to administer COVAXIN at Concessional Rate

As many as 20,000 doses of Covaxin procured by United Hospital Jayanagar will be given at a concessional rate fixed by the Government. The Hospital offers a discount of Rs 210 (as per Cowin app and website the rate applicable is Rs 1410 – 210 = 1,200).
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 12-08-2021 | Views: 207
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The decision was taken in a bid to provide protection to more people at a concessional rate, Dr Vikram Siddareddy, Managing Director of United Hospital said.

There is a shortage of vaccines in Bangalore city, specially Covaxin, which is effective against the Delta variant of the virus which is widespread. "The Hospital had purchased 20,000 doses of the vaccine in advance of which 5,000 have been used during the second wave of the Pandemic in the Kalaburgi unit of the Hospital'', Dr Vikram Siddareddy said.

The remaining 15,000 doses of vaccine will be administered at the 20 associate hospitals and clinics at the concessional rate of Rs 1,200, the Hospital Board has decided.

Dr Siddareddy said that United Hospital, Jayanagar has been reserved for vaccination and has been transformed into a vaccine specialty hospital and a safe zone.

United Hospital Executive Director Shanthakumar Muruda said that research conducted by Indian Council for Medical Research has found Covaxin to be effective against the Delta and Delta plus variants of the Coronavirus.  We aim to vaccinate maximum people in minimum time through our associate hospitals and clinics, he added.

There is an opportunity to reserve a covaxin dose by obtaining a membership card at a reduced rate from the hospital.  Already more than 4,000 Sputnik-V vaccine doses have been administered by the Hospital and another 12,000 doses have been ordered.

The covaxin dose can be taken at United Hospital in Madhava Park, Jayanagar, Bangalore. For easy slot booking facility through WhatsApp - WhatsApp No: 99169 77777

For more information, please reach out to United Hospital at 080 4566 6666 / 080 6933 3333 /

Toll No: 1860 419 4444 or E-mail us at

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