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Kaagay and Gopalan Enterprises announced their Technology Partnership

With Gopalan Enterprises on board, Kaagay aims at bringing a technological shift and makeover in the Realty Market despite the pandemic leading to halting the property registrations in 2020
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 02-02-2021 | Views: 120
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Kaagay, India’s first gamified Real Estate sales enabled platform held a Virtual Press Conference to announce the technological partnership between Gopalan Enterprises, aleading builders and developers of Bangalore and Kagaay. 

The conference was held to announce how the technological partnership between Gopalan Enterprises andKagaay is set to change the way Real Estate is sold and bought in the upcoming Grand Realty Flash Sale by Kagaay, leveraging the ever-growing power and influence of digital and technological medium.

The conference was graced by the Chairman of Gopalan Enterprises, Mr. C. Gopalan and the Co-Founder of Kagaay, Mrs. Swapna D. More, the CTO of Kagaay, Mr. Tushar Desaiand Associate Director for Corporate Communications and International Affairs of Kagaay, Ms. NupurSaraswat.

Commenting on the collaboration Mr. C. Gopalan, Chairman of Gopalan Enterprises said, “Gopalan Enterprises is pleased to make an alliance with Kagaay to spearhead the digitization of the real estate space bringing about an easy access to the Industry."

Speaking about the conference, Co-Founder of Kagaay, Mrs. Swapna D. More said, “KĀGAAY is all set to bring digital revolution in real estate market. KĀGAAY App is developed as a solution not only for realtors and property buyers but for the Real Estate Sector perse, by making sure there are confirmed sales within the aligned timelines and faster liquidation of real estate assets. KĀGAAY aims to generate momentum in real estate industry which is the pivotal need of the hour now."

Kagaay is an ISO 9000:2015,ISO 27001,CMM Level 3 and a RERA certified company registered with Start-up India. It is a sales enablement PropTech platform designed to revolutionize the way the real estate market is exhibited in the country, from conventional to digital.

The platform has already garnered 50K downloads and it is on the path to achieving 1 lakh downloads before the Grand Realty Flash Sale 2021. The major focus for downloads will be on cities like Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Nagpur, and states such as Delhi NCR, Telangana, Karnataka, and Maharashtra.

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