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Get ready for CET next week with CMRIT mock test

5 days of training also for PGCET students will be given by CMRIT experts
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 24-07-2020 | Views: 62
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With its first online mock test for undergraduate CET exams early this month receiving huge response from students and parents, the CMR Institute of Technology (CMRIT) is conducting a second online mock test on Monday, July 27.

The mock test will be supervised by expert teachers to provide an experience of the real KCET examination that is being held on Thursday and Friday (July 30 and July 31). As an incentive, the high scorers of the test will be rewarded with e-certificates and concessions in the college fee.

This online mock test will be an opportunity for 2nd PUC/12th grade students to become acquainted with the KCET examination, which is crucial for pursuing professional education.

The web link to take the online mock test is:

The link will be active only between 10.00 AM - 11.40 AM (100 Minutes) on Monday.
For more information, please contact: M Manjunatha: 8892468223

Mock test for PGCET-2020

The CMRIT is also conducting a free 5-Day online training cum mock test for PGCET-2020. This is for the students who want to take admission to MCA, M.Tech (CSE) and M.Tech (VLSI)

To aid the preparation of aspirants of Post-Graduation, CMR Institute of Technology will be conducting a free 5-day training programme and it is scheduled from 27th to 31st July.

As a practice session for under graduates, the training session will be focused on subjects related to CSE and VLSI streams. The online mock test will be an opportunity to prepare for the upcoming PGCET, especially in times of uncertainty brought about by the pandemic. The PGCET examination conducted by the Government of Karnataka is crucial for students to pursue  higher-education.

Speaking about the online coaching, Dr Sanjay Jain said, "The training programme will help students prepare for the crucial examination. Our qualified and skilled faculty members have diligently structured the training sessions. Their expertise through the online training will help students tackle the stressful situation while taking up competitive exams, especially during a pandemic."

For registration, training and test, click the link available on: 

The test link will be active only between 10.00AM – 12.00 Noon (120 Minutes)

For more details, contact:

Dr. Prem Kumar Ramesh: M:9740126866  | Email:
Dr. Elumalai R: M: 9448826813  | Email:
Prof. Gomathi: M: 8971186669  | Email:

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