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FICCI launches first international 'Virtual Healthcare and Hygiene Expo 2020'

Global industry players to participate at India's first virtual expo from 22-26 June 2020 Buyers from 120 countries will virtually connect with Indian manufacturers
BANGALORE | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 11-05-2020 | Views: 121
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Dr Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI announced the launch of 'Virtual Healthcare and Hygiene Expo 2020' (VH&H Expo 2020) – India's first International virtual exhibition and conference organized by FICCI from 22-26 June 2020. 

This is the first time that an event will be organized on virtual platform and digitally accessed by buyers from across the globe. The first edition of VH&H Expo 2020 will comprise of five-day comprehensive virtual exhibition on sectors like AYUSH & Wellness, Medical Devices, Medical Textiles and Consumables, Pharmaceuticals and Sanitization. The virtual event will also feature webinars and discuss various issues and opportunities in focus sectors, post Covid-19. 

Dr Sangita Reddy, President, FICCI said, "Covid-19 is one of the biggest disaster mankind has ever faced in recent times, bringing disruption to the human life worldwide. With no vaccine or treatment currently in place, containment and social distancing has become the only solution to prevent the spread of highly contagious virus." 

"We at FICCI are committed to support and help the Indian business houses, manufacturers so that they generate business and the exports gain momentum. FICCI team is working towards this and I am pleased to announce the 1st Virtual exhibition & Conference i.e. Virtual Healthcare & Hygiene Expo 2020 –which will be the first of many such in pipeline from 22nd – 26th June, 2020," Dr Reddy added. 

"This will be first of its kind event which will organized on virtual platform indigenously built in the country and will be digitally accessed by the buyers from across the globe. I am sure the manufacturers of the ecosystem i.e. Pharmaceuticals, Medical Device, AYUSH & Wellness, Medical Textile, Hygiene & Sanitization will get benefited by this initiative and I welcome you all to be part of this mega program," said Dr Reddy. 

Mr Dilip Chenoy, Secretary General, FICCI said that the Chamber will invite buyers from over 120 countries to participate from the comfort of their home-countries to interact live with exhibiting companies. He added that the participants will have an immersive experience and the virtual platform will be close to a conventional exhibition which can't be organized in current scenario. 

"FICCI is also in touch with central and the state governments for their participation in the exhibition," said Mr Chenoy. 

Mr Anurag Sharma, Chair, FICCI AYUSH Committee; Member of Parliament and Director, Shree Baidyanath Ayurved Bhawan Pvt Ltd, said that in these testing times, AYUSH systems of traditional medicines is playing an important role in supporting the government efforts to tackle the crisis. 

"Ministry of AYUSH also plans to conduct a study to find 'evidence' about the efficacy of AYUSH medicines to fight Covid-19. Industry will work towards the goals set by Hon'ble Prime Minister for AYUSH manufacturers," he added. 

VH&H Expo 2020 will be a unique experience for the participants to interact at the ease of their office or home in these difficult times and get business. The expo will comprise of a Dedicated Virtual Exhibition showcasing products and services of over 100 manufacturers. Various webinars and digitally enabled B2B meetings will also be organised between the exhibitors and buyers. 

During the virtual exhibition, buyers can visit the expo, check exhibitors' profile, products and can fix meetings and meet them during 'Live Hours' from 12 noon-9 pm IST. 

Details about Virtual Healthcare & Hygiene Expo 2020 at

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