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Fanzart Launches the Sleep Mode Feature to Bring You A Fan that Adjusts to Individual Comfort

Fanzart has been at the forefront of creating fans to suit the specific needs of the Indian market. This feature is the latest to be added to their extensive portfolio of products
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 23-03-2020 | Views: 177
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Fanzart, India’s leading creator of luxury fans has always been on the forefront of creating technology to address the problems of the market. With the launch of the Sleep Mode feature, Fanzart addresses the age-old problem of adjusting a fan’s speed all through the night. The Sleep Mode feature in some of its leading models, is designed to ensure that the user never has to toggle the controls of the fan to get just the right breeze at various times in one night. Fans with Sleep Mode alternate between higher and lower speeds, ensuring an even flow of air and a uniform comfortable breeze all through the night. 

Speaking on the Sleep Mode feature, Anil Lala, Founder and Director, Fanzart says, “The Sleep Mode is a combination of technology and engineering to bring about a unique model. The blade angle of our fans is higher (placed at 8 to 12 degrees) thus ensuring more air is pushed into the room. With an alternating mode – that provides two minutes of breeze and a minute of relief - there is a balance in the coolness of the room. Combined with our Whisper Quiet Technology, you have a fan that is efficient, silent and which assures comfort all through the night”. 

The Sleep Mode feature will work along with other unique Fanzart fan features such as the Summer-Winter (SW) feature which allow fans to work bi-directionally. It rotates anti-clockwise (giving breeze during summer season or when it’s hot) and clockwise (to give warm air circulation).When used in tandem with an air-conditioner they help circulate the cool air all through the room. With the Sleep Mode feature, SW can be used to give you relief from air conditioned air. A sleep timer ensures that users can time the fan to their convenience as well. 

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