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“Stroke is treatable, only if the person gets treated on time. Else, it could be life threatening.”

This year the theme is Stroke Prevention- 1 in 4 of us will have a stroke in our lifetime. Hence the tagline- DON’T BE THE ONE
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 21-10-2019 | Views: 216
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World Stroke Day is observed every year on October 29th by World Stroke Organisation to emphasize the serious nature and high rates of stroke occurrence, to raise awareness regarding steps to prevent stroke. It also aims to raise awareness among the general public about quick identification of stroke symptoms and prompt treatment within the window period to reduce the risk of death and disability due to stroke. It also emphasizes the need for the stroke victim to have adequate supportive and rehabilitative care.

According to World Stroke Organization, around 80 million people living in the world have had a stroke, whereas some 50 million stroke survivors live with some form of permanent disability. However, millions of stroke survivors show us every day that with access to the right kind of care and rehabilitation along with long-term support recovery is possible. The IT city of Bengaluru has seen a 15-20 per cent rise in the number of stroke patients and doctors say this is all due to a variety of factors including sedentary lifestyle and eating junk food. Also, there is a significant rise in strokes in the young IT crowd. Every month, nearly 50-60 patients of acute strokes are admitted to city hospitals. Hence, the campaign aims to show that with the right care and timely support, it is possible to not only survive a Stroke but lead a healthy normal life. 

This year the theme is Stroke Prevention- 1 in 4 of us will have a stroke in our lifetime. Hence the tagline- DON’T BE THE ONE

The Bangalore Stroke Support Group, in concurrence with World Stroke Organization  organized a Stroke Awareness Campaign. The main agenda of the program was to create awareness on Stroke and take pledge towards Stroke Prevention. World Stroke Day is observed on 29th October every year. Every year, THE BANGALORE STROKE SUPPORT GROUP which is an initiative by association of club of service oriented doctors and stroke victims  organized a Walkathon which saw Doctors, Stroke Survivors, Stroke specialists, physicians, rehabilitation specialists, healthcare professionals, hospital administrators, caregivers and public at large participating in the awareness program to bring comprehensive awareness and preventive care about deadly stroke attacks among the public.

Noted Kannada film actor, producer and also a stroke survivor Raghavendra Rajkumar  inaugurated the Event with a Balloon Ceremony. Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Raghavendra Rajkumar Said, “Stroke is treatable, only if the person gets treated on time. Few years ago left part of my body had been paralyzed, due to quick recognition and emergent treatment by good doctors and good care by physiotherapists, I am being healthy today. By identifying the stroke at the initial stage and having appropriate treatment will definitely let you lead normal life.”

Appreciating the work of ‘Bangalore Stroke Support Group’ he said “I am part of the group since many years, I am happy that the group is working hard to support the victims to get back to their normal life”

Mr Mohanram, President, Bangalore Stroke Support Group, a stroke survivor himself spoke about the difficulties he encountered after his stroke. He made a firm resolve after his complete recovery that he will do something to create public awareness on stroke through media and public interactions.

A talk between Stroke Survivors and Doctors discussing on the Pros, Cons, Causes, effects, Precautions and treatment on Stroke and a skit to create awareness on Stroke and possible First Aid that could be given when attached by Stroke was enacted. The official website Bangalore Stroke Support Group was launched on this occasion. A video on stroke awareness was launched by Shri. Raghavendra Rajkumar, Mr Mohanram and other dignitaries present at the program. It was an end to end program conducted to create awareness on Stroke, its causes, treatments and precautions. Renowned Kannada stand-up comedian Gangavathi Pranesh enthralled the crowd with his rib-tickling witty humor and had a strong message at the end of his program that Health is Wealth and “Laughter is the best Medicine” 
Dr G T Subhas, Former President, Bangalore Stroke Support Group & Former Director of BMCRI said that there needs to be more community programmes and media articles (print and electronic) aimed at improving the public awareness regarding stroke. The layman should understand the symptoms of stroke, only then will the stroke program be successful. He emphasized the need for periodic screening for risk factors 

Dr Amit Kulkarni, Current Secretary, Bangalore Stroke Support Group & Lead Consultant Neurologist & Stroke Specialist at Sagar hospitals said that quick identification and prompt treatment in the nearest “Stroke Ready Hospital” can significantly reduce the risk of death and serious disability due to stroke. Hence general public should be made aware as to which is their nearest Stroke Ready Hospital. 

He said that the theme selected by WSO for 2019 is Stroke Prevention- 1 in 4 of us will have stroke in their lifetime. Hence the tagline- DON’T BE THE ONE. He talked about the importance of Neurosonology in Stroke treatment and prevention. A comprehensive team of Neurologists, Speech, Occupational & Physical therapists at Bangalore Stroke Support Group, has planned a series of health talks and community outreach programmes for the upcoming year to increase public awareness on stroke.

Dr Vikram Huded, Former Secretary, BSSG and Head of Neurology at Narayana Health spoke about the advances in Endovascular stroke treatment. He told that with the current generation of stent retrievers, miraculous and on-table improvement in neurological deficits has become a routine. He also spoke about carotid stenting as an important intervention in small, non-disabling strokes to prevent recurrences in the future

The occasion also saw 10 stroke survivors felicitated and few of them shared their experience on how they fought and conquered stroke.
Over one million stroke cases are recorded in India annually. Stroke Survivors need intense and regular physiotherapy to recover lost functions of nerves and muscles. Partial or total paralysis, spasticity and aphasia are the most common side effects of Stroke. A person suffering from aphasia may face difficulty in speaking, comprehending speech, expressing himself, reading or writing. This condition requires intense speech therapy to recover. However, in India, awareness is so low about this condition that most victims fail to receive required attention.

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