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FreshToHome launches their Experience Store in Jayanagar, Bangalore

The online Fish & Meat store that has a huge e-commerce presence in Bengaluru, has both Express and Schedule deliveries, that covers the whole of Bengaluru and its extension. With FreshToHome now in the neighbourhood, non-veg lovers across the city need not worry about the quality and freshness of the Meat or Seafood they consume anymore
BANGALORE | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 07-09-2019 | Views: 557
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FreshToHome now goes offline in Jayanagar with their Experience store. With over 6 lakh customers, India’s most trusted online store for fresh Meat and Fish have opened their seventh experience store in Jayanagar. They have launched three stores in Bengaluru at Yelahanka, Jalahalli and Neo City & three stores in Chennai at OMR, Guindy and Kilpauk. The Bengaluru based company recently raised USD 20M in their Series B funding led by Iron Pillar with key participation from Joe Hirao.  

With their brand promise “100% Fresh, 0% Chemicals”, the FreshToHome stores are designed to enhance customer experience. For the first time in the city, non-veg lovers will be able to touch, feel and try the Meat before they make their purchase. The store will be a tasting centre, where customers can try the Ready-to-Cook products that are preservative free and made with Meat, Fish and Seafood that are “100% Fresh and 0% Chemicals”. FreshToHome guarantees that the Fish and Meat offered to their offline customers will not disappoint. Their products are directly sourced from the local fishermen and farmers by giving them a fair price and eliminating the middlemen out of the food supply chain and reinventing it. This allows FreshToHome to ensure that their products are free of added chemicals. 

Shahnawaz Kadavil, CEO of FreshToHome says, “Our vision is to offer food that is free of added chemicals to consumers. We don't want to limit that offering to those who are comfortable buying meat online. We would like to reach out to those consumers who prefer visiting stores and enjoy the touch and feel- experience of buying Meat.  To this effect we have launched our offline stores where consumers can experience the same joy as our e-commerce consumers. Our range in these stores will also go beyond our USP - chemical free Fish and Meat, and include everything from preservative free categories such as ozone washed fruits and vegetables, dairy, stone ground Idli-Dosa batter and the like”.  

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