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Entrepreneur India felicitates Shailendra Naidu as the “Entrepreneur of the year” in Money Services

Entrepreneur India aims to recognize and felicitate Achievers, Innovators and Suppliers, who have contributed significantly towards the development of entrepreneurship in India. The awards were given to professional entrepreneurs who have played a key role in driving technological innovations; or have been a driving force in changing regulation and standards; an opinion leader; a turnaround business leader and someone who has been an influential voice in the national media for consumer and business services in the country
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 23-07-2019 | Views: 230
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Shailendra Naidu, CEO of global financial technology company - OBOPAY, has been felicitated as the “Entrepreneur of the year” in the Money Services category. Shailendra has been recognized for his exemplary leadership and entrepreneurial achievements in transforming OBOPAY from a single product backend tech player to a multi-product hi-tech entity. The award was conferred by the renowned Indian film maker Muzaffar Ali and Sumant Sinha, the current Chairman and Managing Director of ReNew Power, India's largest renewable energy company. 

Under Shailendra’s able leadership, OBOPAY now has a strong play in FMCG digital money solutions. He has been in instrumental in the success of OBOPAY and enabling a significant market play in India, one the largest emerging markets in the world. His ability to promote innovative solutions and digitization across all the industry segments and further promoting financial inclusion within the country, gave him this prestigious recognition. The winners were chosen from a strong list of contenders. 

On receiving the award, Shailendra Naidu, CEO, OBOPAY, said, “It is an honour to receive the prestigious “Entrepreneur of the year” award which is a testimony to India’s new age entrepreneurial spirit across the length and breadth of the startup ecosystem. The award reiterates the trust in our vision at OBOPAY and encourages us to further set higher standards in financial technology industry through breakthrough solutions in mobile payment and technology, distribution management system, consulting and many other such services.” 

An alumnus of the prestigious London Business School, Shailendra has progressively established OBOPAY as a leader in digitizing the direct payments and supply chain ecosystem for enterprises ever since he took the charge in 2016. Under his inspirational leadership, OBOPAY has evolved as a world-class cutting-edge technology player bringing measurable and sustainable difference to financial inclusion within the country. 

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