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The Pump House, Bangalore wins big at the Express Food Hospitality Awards, 2019

The Pump House began operations in December 2018 and since then it has become the favourite destination for crafted beers and exemplary culinary offerings. Located in a prime location at JP Nagar, the place boasts of superior architecture, striking interiors and a vibe that makes for a perfect ambience. The high retractable ceiling of the Brewery lets you enjoy the amazing weather of Bangalore in the day and leaves you spellbound with an amazing view of the stars in the night. Spread on a massive area of 19000 sq. ft. it has a seating capacity of around 600 people
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 20-06-2019 | Views: 323
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The Pump House, the landmark brewery in the pub capital of the country known for quenching city’s thirst with finest craft beers was recently honoured at the Express Food & Hospitality (EF&H) Awards held at the Palace Ground in Bangalore. The award was bestowed on The Pump House in the category ‘Restaurant Excellence Awards’ that serves an acknowledgment for successfully contributing to Bengaluru’s Food & Beverage Industry within a very short span of time. 

The mega event saw in attendance the best of hospitality and standalone restaurants– across brands and corporates alike. Organised by Global Fairs & Media Pvt. Ltd (The Indian Express Limited) EF&H India is a focused B2B trade show for the fast-growing food & hospitality industry with the main objective of creating bigger opportunities and successful businesses for companies and trade professionals in India. 

The different editions of Express Food & Hospitality (EF&H) India, bring together a mix of quality and quantity of buyers from across India, offering Indian and international brands a wide spectrum of opportunities for business networking and partnerships with established players and buyers in the Indian market.

While receiving the award Mr. Vishal Atreya, Managing Partner of The Pump House said “We are delighted to be receiving an award this early into our operations, a little over six months and a recognition by an established body such as this will only enable us to dish out bigger and better things. We are ambitious and see great potential the city of Bengaluru has to offer, this is just the beginning and you will hear from us soon on many exciting things in the near future.

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