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India's first skin donation campaign in years concludes with 4500 walking for the cause in Bangalore

Skin donation is a hugely ignored initiative in India, therefore, the Walkathon was driven by the objective to sensitize the public about the ordeals and challenges that burn survivors face. Thereby, educating and informing the public about skin donation by ensuring maximum skin donation pledges
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 11-06-2019 | Views: 238
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The Bengaluru Skin Donation Walkathon organized by Rotary Midtown Bangalore in association with Prestige Group, Ashirvad Pipes and Bagmane Group witnessed a large number of participants gearing up to create awareness around skin donation. The first of its kind initiative, Walkathon was aimed at sensitizing the public about the ordeals and challenges that burn survivors face and request for maximum skin donation pledges. 

The Walkathon was flagged off by Laxmi Agarwal, award-winning campaigner, and acid attack survivor at St. Joseph’s Indian High School. She was instrumental in encouraging and motivating Bangaloreans about the cause by sharing her life experiences. The Walkathon also witnessed participation from famous celebrities like Ragini Dwivedi. 

Commenting on the Walkathon, organizer Kshama Bhatia, President Rotary Midtown Bangalore said “We are thankful for all the fellow participants that have joined us for this much-neglected cause by creating awareness around skin donation. We are also grateful to our sponsors - Prestige Group, Ashirvad Pipes and Bagmane Group for their support towards this cause and believing in us.” 

Official cause ambassador, Laxmi Agarwal said “In India, around 70 lakh people suffer from burn injuries and it takes years for them to overcome the physical, mental and emotional trauma. Initiatives like this help in giving them a second chance by providing them with a normal life. I am thankful to Rotary Midtown Bangalore for this thoughtful initiative and choosing me as the cause ambassador. I further request people of Bangalore and India to come and pledge their skin for donation”. 

Irfan Razack, Managing Director, Prestige Group said that “It gives me great joy to witness the enthusiasm and commitment of so many individuals today. It is my sincere wish that the message of this activity is spread across and adapted to the daily lives of every citizen. I hope to see a movement flower through a passionate campaign like the skin donation Walkathon.” 


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