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Vaya Life opens two new retail stores in Bangalore

Starting out in 2016, the company shook up the lunchbox market by completely re-imagining the boring dabba as a sleek, compact stainless steel Vaya Tyffyn, which has also become a style statement apart from being a meal carrier
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 13-05-2019 | Views: 565
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Vaya Life, an innovative start-up that has disrupted the consumer products markets with its stellar line of lunchbox, drinkware and storage jar products has now opened two retail stores in Bangalore. The brand already has an exclusive store in Chennai. Located in Indira Nagar and Commercial Street, the new storesare designed to showcase and experience the entire range of products from Vaya. The futuristic ambience and sophisticated interiors are an ode to the high-end design and precision detailing that goes into all Vaya products.

The company has been launching newer designs, colours and patterns in the lunchbox category with its Tyffyn range. Customers could buy the Graphite, Cheetah, Dew, Denim, Black, Cats, Dino, Mickey, Captain America - this time, all different variants of Vaya Tyffyn. Following the success of its Tyffyn range, Vaya launched its second line of products, Vaya Drynk. The drinkware, or tumblers, came in a vacuum insulated body with two types of lids - the sipper lid and the gulper lid with two cups. The launch of Vaya Drynk has motivated lot of consumers to keep their Drynk handy while they go to work out in a gym, driving to work, in meetings, or going out for a movie. With its wide mouth, Vaya Drynk is quite flexible in terms of the type of beverages you can pack, be it thin juices to thick shakes or liquid foods with solid infusions. 

Recently, Vaya has launched Preserve to completely redraw the kitchen cabinets. Vaya Preserve, vacuum insulated stainless steel storage jars keep ingredients fresh for a long time. While plastic is unhealthy and incapable of retaining the freshness of masalas and other ingredients, and while glass containers are fragile, the stainless steel Vaya Preserve is a good and optimal solution for a healthy and smart kitchen. 

Commenting on the launch of stores in Bangalore, Vashist, the founder and CEO of Vaya Life, said "We have been humbled by the reception received from our customers for our retail store in Chennai. There have been requests coming in from across the country for an exclusive Vaya store. As much as we love making fabulous products, we are making our brand presence across formats for our customers to experience and own a Vaya. I am sure Bangalore can come and experience an entire range of Vaya products at our exclusive stores. We should have more such stores in other parts of the country, by the end of this year.

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