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Padmashri Saalumarada Thimmakka comes forward to advocate Sowparnika for its Go Green initiative

Popular social workers Anantha Lakshmi and Urmila Chanam join the mission
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 22-03-2019 | Views: 681
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Sowparnika Projects, a key real estate player in the sensibly priced housing segment, conducted a panel discussion with Sowparnika Projects with an aim to announce a collaboration with famous social workers in their initiative to make the nation a better place.

Padmashri Saalumarada Thimmakka, popular social workers Anantha Lakshmi and Urmila Chanam have come together to help Sowparnika in this mission. The association will focus on improving the quality of life of the people in need and simultaneously help them with necessary aids.  Since these famous dignitaries have worked on-ground with various communities, they will be able to guide Sowparnika in their impact-driven CSR activities.

The discussion dealt with the journey of the three women, their contribution to society and how one can get associated with Sowparnika’s CSR initiative -- Sowparbee, so as to bring about an impactful change in the society.  The panel discussion concluded with Padmashri Saalumarada, Anantha and Urmila taking an oath towards guiding Sowparnika towards impact driven CSR activities for the year.

Sowparnika’s CSR initiative Sowparbee, a community change driver of Sowparnika Projects and Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. felicitated the three well-recognised social workers.

Padmashri Saalumarada Thimmakka is an environmentalist from Karnataka; Anantha Lakshmi is currently spearheading the Bharatiya Grameen Mahila Sangh, a National Association of Rural Women in India, founded in 1955 by her grandmother Late Padma Bhushan Yashodhara Dasappa and Late C Sharada and Urmila Chanam is a journalist and a knowledge management and communications professional, social activist, a gender rights activist, a blogger and a public health professional.

At the discussion, Raja Mukherjee, CMO at Sowparnika Projects and Infrastructure Pvt Ltd., said, “It is indeed an overwhelming moment for me to share a platform with three women leaders who have marked their presence in the society through their noble deeds. Their contribution to the society is remarkable and we look forward to a sustained association with them in our drive to help the society and make it a better place. I am grateful to Thimmakka for extending her support to Sowparnika and guide us through our journey towards the ‘Go Green’ movement.”

In line with this discussion, Padmashri Saalumarada Thimakka said, “We are all children of God and all our activities are nothing extraordinary, but our responsibilities. The nation needs a change for the betterment and contribute towards that is our duty. I would happily serve the nation till my last breath and would love to take up associations having a strong social cause.’’

Raja Mukherjee, CMO at Sowparnika Projects, further addressed saying, ‘’We, at Sowparnika, feel ourselves fortunate to have come across and felicitate these powerful women leaders who have made impactful transformations to the society. It would be our pleasure to offer them Sowparnika units and greet them to be a part of our housing community.”

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