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“ meformycity” - An Initiative by Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance

Till date Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance has covered more than 10,000 square feet in creating graffiti across 7 Indian cities which have left an immense impact in creating awareness on cleanliness and making our environment a better place to live
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 11-02-2019 | Views: 356
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Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance launched its “meformycity” initiative in Bengaluru. The initiative which promises to make our cities cleaner and beautiful through graffiti art held at 135/3, Vijaya Arcade, Lalbagh Road, Bengaluru. 

One of its kind, the initiative reached its mid-leg in Bengaluru this year, after illustrating graffiti's at some of the busiest walls of Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai and Mohali (Punjab). 

Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance has taken this step to sensitize civilians about how a simple depiction & expression of the great Indian spirit on the walls of our cities can induce us in making our environment a better & cleaner place. The Company also revealed graffiti’s across two other locations – Kochi and Chennai. 

Mr. Anuj Mathur, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance said, “We take pride in doing our bit for the society and are also humbled by the phenomenal response by our audience. This has allowed us to be responsible and simultaneously connect with our audience in a better way.   We as a company encourage everyone in the organization to participate and do their bit to implement sustainable practices and make a positive impact for the environment. We also recognize the importance of educating people and keep doing awareness campaigns and employee volunteering activities to support the environment around the year.” 

Ms. Tarannum Hasib, Chief Distribution Officer, Canara HSBC Oriental Bank of Commerce Life Insurance said, “Our promise has been to leave a legacy behind, where the society at large can come together and contribute towards making our cities cleaner & beautiful. We are extremely proud of hosting this initiative in Chennai and celebrating the great Indian sprit on the walls of Chennai, Bangalore & Kochi”. 

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