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92.7 Big FM undergoes brand revamp and relaunches with a new tagline 'YOCHANE YAAKE CHANGE OK'

Launches new show 'FULL TIME PASS' with RJ Pradeepa ~ The evening drive time show from 5PM to 9 PM is a mixed bag of fun conversations and timeless music~
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 08-02-2019 | Views: 711
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BIG FM, one of India’s largest radio networks undergoes complete revamp and intends to be a thought inspirer and an agent for positive change. This is the essence of the new positioning of BIG FM – ‘YochaneYaake Change Ok’. As a part of the revamp, the radio channel has launched a new show “Full Time Pass”, a Kannada Retro show. This also sees the blue-eyed boy of Bengaluru’s radio industry, RJ Pradeepaa make a comeback on BIG FM. In their bid to strike the right chord in the hearts of the avid music lovers, the show plays some timeless and melodious chartbusters. With soothing and timeless music along with a lot of fun and frolic, RJ Pradeepaa hosts the show that gives a completely fresh new approach to Bengaluru’s evening drive time, from 5PM to 9PM. 

The popular Sandalwood star Ramesh Aravind, who started his career with radio and co-hosted a morning show at BIG FM as an RJ, joined in the celebration along with actress Parul Yadav. The actor-producer duo visited BIG FM studio to extend their support to this new show as well as talk about their upcoming movie ‘Butterfly’, a remake of Kangana Ranaut’s Queen. 

Speaking about his comeback on radio RJ Pradeepaa said, “It gives me immense pleasure to be back with BIG FM for a show that I absolutely believe in. ‘Full Time Pass’ is a very interesting concept which aims to relieve the listeners and reduce their stress levels with some fun filled conversation accompanied by soothing music. I would also like to extend my heartiest gratitude to Ramesh and Parul for taking the time out and joining us today and I wish them all the best for all their upcoming projects.”  

The actor-filmmaker, Ramesh Aravind said “BIG FM is an energetic platform which keeps the people high on life. The radio channel holds a special place in my heart as I was celebrity host in morning show with BIG FM though briefly. Happy sharing thoughts with RJs here in BIG FM to talk about our upcoming film Butterfly.” 

Speaking at the event actress Parul Yadav said “Coming together to support each other is a beautiful thing!! This is a double celebration where we are getting ready to release our film Butterfly and BIG FM is launching its new show. I am sure Pradeepa’s new show on BIG FM will make many many hearts bloom!”  

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