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Datanet India launches first of its kind Assembly Factbooks

Datanet India, a 16-year-old Information Technology enabled Services Company, has launched the utmost essential Assembly Factbooks which will offer the demographic and electoral features along with the historical election results at assembly level since independence and polling station level results for elections after delimitation 2008 for a particular assembly constituency
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 27-09-2017 | Views: 403
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The data proffered in these assembly level books are compiled from the authentic sources i.e. Election Commission of India (ECI), Chief Electoral Officer (CEO), Karnataka, State Election Commission and Registrar General of India. These books also comprise the Datanet India’s estimates for demographic and socio-economic access of data at constituency level. The uniqueness of these books is the incorporation of the statistical data, maps, graphs and charts which presents the extensive information about a particular assembly constituency in an impressive format. These are the one stop electoral data guides for a particular assembly constituency.
In view of the potential usage of these books, they have not only been made available online at its portal www.datanetindia-ebooks.combut also in print, eBook and web access formats to cover its vastly scattered users of electoral data and analysis.
Talking to the media about this launch, Co-founder and Director of Datanet India, Dr. R.K. Thukral stated that in the era of internet, everything is available in one single touch but still encapsulated electoral data is not easily accessible for an assembly constituency. Moreover, India has the world’s most advanced electronic voting system, yet there has been little fundamental research on its elections until now, thus there is a need of more electoral data and more analysis in present days so that more research in this field should come out, which is, an extremely important aspect to make India’s democratic framework successful. Hence, these books are the perfect key to this problem. 
Indicating its significance, he further added that these first of its kind Assembly Factbooks include the immense information likewise Location and Political Maps, Demographic, Electoral Features, Historical Summary Election Results, Polling Station Level Election Results, Share of Assembly Constituency and Access of Socio-Economic Amenities.

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