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The Label Bazaar by Anam Mirza Mesmerizes Bengalurians

~ India's most talked about exhibition, The Label Bazaar comes to B’luru for the first time and was inaugurated by - The global icon and newest mommy Sania Mirza ~
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 10-01-2019 | Views: 483
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Acclaimed stylist and sister of the famous tennis champion Sania Mirza – Anam Mirza is all set to take over South India season by making people go head over heels for fashion at The Label Bazaar Season 9. After 14 successful shows by this exhibition, Bengaluru for the first time ever was witness to this event held at at Skyye Lounge UB City. 

Offering diamond and gold jewellery designed by award winning designers, they have Sri Krishna Jewellers on board as the Title Sponsor of The Label Bazaar in Bengaluru. The industry legend Sri Krishna Jewellers has been the epitome of the finest and most exclusive jewellery for decades. With showrooms in Hyderabad, India and Michigan & Texas, USA it brings a wide range of premium collection of internationally certified designed jewellery and gems in the purest quality.  

Providing all to do with fashion under one roof, from accessories to ethnic wear to shoes, bags and beauty, The Label Bazaar gives everything a shopaholic wants in one place. With India’s ace sports star and fashion icon Sania Mirza as their ambassador, The Label Bazaar presented a display of designers you would have never seen before and a shopping experience that you would never forget. 

“It’s always an amazing experience to work with family; there is a lot of understanding both ways. Anam and her team have a deep understanding of fashion and their consumers, this is clearly visible in the brand and every exhibition they conduct. The Label Bazaar has become the most talked about exhibition in India. I’m glad to be a part of it and I’m looking forward to their shows this year. This maiden event in Bangalore has been fabulous and I hope all of you’ll enjoyed it too” said the sporting beauty Sania Mirza. 

The Label Bazaar is very well known for their extravagant shows in Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad as well as Dubai.  “Bengaluru has been an amazing experience. We get requests from all around the world to bring Label Bazaar to their city. The response has been overwhelming, and we have worked really hard on this show. We have conducted a market research for over a year now before we finally ventured into the Bengaluru market and want to keep doing shows here often,” says Anam Mirza. 

The latest exhibition had a great collection, it was a mix of varied creations, classic outfits and other premium and luxurious fashion brands under one roof making it difficult to choose from the plethora of options. All shopaholics completely enjoyed every aspect of The Label Bazaar season 9 with brands like Non.Con.Form, Deepa by Deepa Gurnani, Yashvardhan and many more runway brands. They were the best of both worlds consisting of London based brand Zafran Couture and also sustainable fashion brands like Indian Weave. From Delhi to Jaipur to Calcutta, there was a diverse range of products teleporting you places with their exquisite products and rich taste.

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