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Wynk Music steps up personalization of user experience with an exciting innovation - ‘Your Year in Music 2018’

With a single touch, users can discover their personalized music journey on Wynk Music–favourite songs, artists and days when they really celebrated music
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 04-01-2019 | Views: 444
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In the OTT entertainment space, personalization is key to driving user engagement. Wynk Music, the OTT music streaming app from Airtel, has taken this to a new level with ‘Your Year in Music 2018’, a new way for its 100 Mn users to look back on their music journey on the app with just a single touch. 

With this, customers can discover the songs they played the most, their top artists, amount of time they spent listening to music, big music days and much more during 2018. The music journey is personalized for each user based on their on-app behavior. 

This is the latest in a series of initiatives taken by the music app to create a deeply personalized music experience for its users. Earlier in the year, Wynk Music had launched the redesigned app with features such as Personalized Radio, Artist and Playlist recommendations based on individual users’ music listening patterns. The love from users for the new build also saw Wynk Music being crowned ‘The Most Entertaining App of the Year’ by Google in December 2018. 

Sameer Batra, CEO Content & Apps, Bharti Airtel said “We collect over one billion data points every day, with a long term aim to offer a highly personalized experience to our listeners. Through a combination of data science and smart analytics this is our way of expressing gratitude to our customers as we wind down on what has been an amazing 2018. We will continue to strive and get even better for the love of music! “ 

In addition, users can also discover what made India move and groove with 2018 Music Trends on Wynk Music. From top heard songs across 11 languages to artists that continued to rock the charts all through 2018, it’s all there!!!

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