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Bengaluru based ABS Aircon Engineers enters into JV with Japanese Major Fujitsu General limited

Fujitsu General Looks to Accelerate Expansion of Commercial Air Conditioner Business In India
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 04-12-2018 | Views: 217
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ABS Aircon Engineers, one of the leading HVAC contracting companies in Southern India has entered into a JV with Japan’s leading air-conditioning manufacturer Fujitsu General Limited; with the Japanese giant acquiring a majority stake in the Bengaluru based company. 

This collaboration will help ABS Aircon engineers and Fujitsu General Limited to further expand the reach into the commercial HVAC market in India. This is one of the key strategic partnerships for Fujitsu General in India on their foray into commercial HVAC solution segment. 

It is expected that the commercial market will expand rapidly owing to the development of infrastructure accompanying future economic growth. And, ABS Aircon engineers being one of the most sought after HVAC solution providers in South India, is touted as a crucial partnerships to spearhead Fujitsu General’s commercial HVAC activity in India. 

Since its inception in 1996 by three young entrepreneurs, Vilayath Ali M, Balakrishna BS and Vinod Saladi, ABS Aircon has developed a consistent business in India – from the design to the construction and service maintenance of air conditioning equipment. 

Since 83 Years, Fujitsu General Limited has been the torchbearer of relentless advancements at the heart of Global HVAC business, a resounding force synonymous with quality, innovation and reliability. 

Joining hands with Fujitsu General Limited now is ABS, a name that stands for trust and freshness - a name that Fujitsu General has instilled immense faith on to embark on a new journey in India. Speaking about the acquisition, Sri Etsuro Saito, President, Fujitsu General Limited said, “Around 83 years ago, Fujitsu General was like ABS. We see a reflection of Fujitsu General’s energy, dedication and focus on customer delight in ABS and that’s what made us choose ABS as our partners.” 

President Saito added, “This is not just a collaboration, it’s a celebration — A celebration of cultures, ideas, values, dreams and growth. it is our first partnership in India for commercial HVAC business and it’s certainly a celebration of harmony and togetherness.” 

After handling over a thousand projects in over 15 domains across India, ABS is proud to signal a new beginning with Fujitsu General Limited - a testimony for all the collaborations with Japan since the centuries. “With a global leader by our side, the possibilities for a contracting firm are infinite and what started as a little spark has today reaching the skies,” shared Mr. Villayath Ali, Director, ABS. 

President Saito further added, “We consider the ‘expansion of foreign commercial business’ and the ‘capture and expansion of Indian market’ as part of our five key “expansion projects” toward achieving our mid-term management plan. Currently, we have strong brand power with residential air conditioners in the air conditioning market in India. At the same time, we have also been developing commercial air conditioners for small and medium-sized buildings in recent years. ABS possess an extensive track record in office, commercial facilities, hospitals, factories and logistics facilities with a focus on large air conditioning systems such as chillers and air handling units.” 

“ABS and Fujitsu General will make a great combination — like us, they too care for human beings, for their work culture, for fine detail, for long lasting relationships and perhaps that’s why they connected with us and we connected so well with them,” said Mr. Balakrishna BS, Director ABS. 

Fujitsu General Limited is also looking to promote sales of VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) and to expand areas of operation in the Indian market in the future through this acquisition. President Saito said, “We will do this by leveraging our technological strengths and the abundant expertise in commercial air conditioning systems of ABS Aircon Engineers.” 

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