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Bengaluru Grooves to the tunes of British Council’s Mix the City

Special performance by MTC Bengaluru musicians enthral audiences at the Infosys campus
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 14-11-2018 | Views: 338
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As part of its 70 years celebrations, British Council unveiled the Bengaluru edition of Mix the City (MTC) at the Infosys Limited campus yesterday. MTC is an interactive music platform that connects the city with its music and has been designed by award-winning British start-ups-digital content partner Flying Object and technical development partner Roll Studio. The launch at the Infosys’ campus was preceded by a special opening performance by MTCBengaluru musicians AneeshVidyashankar (Violin), Arun Kumar (Drummer), ManasiPrasad (Carnatic Vocal), Ravindra Katoti (Harmonium), Shalini Mohan (Bass Guitar), Shoumik Biswas (Electronic), Sukanya Ramgopal (Ghatam) and Vivek Santosh (Piano).

British Council’s Mix the City app / browser experience allows users to create and share their own unique audio-visual soundtrack by mixing music samples performed by artists at well-known landmarks across the city. The Bengaluru edition has been created with the help of UK folk musician and producer,Mira Calix, and Indian production company, The Standard Images Co. It features eight talented Bengaluru-based musicians whose music will be accessible to audiences across the globe through the MTC platform.

The British Council has also partnered with the Indian Music Experience Museum, Bengaluru to create the Mix The City experiential zone at the museum. The MTC @ IME music installation is an interactive zone that will allow folk music lovers across Bengaluru to relive music pieces of the Mix The City Bengaluru artists.

Janaka Pushapanathan, Director – South, British Council, said, “It is a moment of delight to see Mix the City come to life in the city of Bengaluru with a live performance at Infosys campus. All the Mix The City Bengaluru musicians are artistes par excellence and their music is mesmerizing. After Chennai, Bengaluru is the second South Indian city to have got its own edition of MTC and it’s a testimony to the musical talent of the city – both celebrated and unearthed.

MTC Bengaluru is the sixth version of Mix the City in India and theplatformhas previously showcased the diversity of the country through its sound in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkata and the Northeast. The platformaims to bring together the popular as well as the upcoming and lesser-known musical talent across genres and reflects upon the evolving music scene in India in relation to the fusion of sounds between classical, folk, ethnic and contemporary music styles with a balanced mix between vocals and instrumental in all versions.

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