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F1H2O Amaravati Calls on The Sports loving Bengaluru

The 23 km stretch along the River Krishna will turn into a carnival site celebrating best of the sport along with a host of other exciting activities to engage the crowd and showcase arts, culture and delectable cuisine of Andhra Pradesh. APTA will also set up viewing galleries near Punnami Ghat and will close the Prakasam Barrage during the two-day event. On 16th November, powerboats will have a free practise session. On Saturday, 17th November, teams will be battling for pole position while on Sunday afternoon Grand Prix India will start after another free practise session and a spectacular parade tour
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 03-11-2018 | Views: 468
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The F1H2O India Grand Prix is all set to take place in Amaravati on River Krishna from November 16th to 18th, 2018. The World Championship returns to Indian shores after a gap of 14 long years. More than 350 international drivers from the F1H2O circuit will compete in the debut season of Amaravati in UIM motorboat racing. Amaravati has extended a warm welcome to the racing aficionados and sports-lovers of Bengaluru to witness the one of a kind International event. 

Spectators and racing enthusiasts from across the globe will flock to Amaravati for this extreme water sport with adrenalin-pumping action. Amaravati will be decked up and there will be a carnival-like atmosphere with a host of attractions for everyone present. The resident organising committee of the F1H2O Grand Prix is geared to promote water sport culture in the region which will also benefit the local fishermen communities in the area. This is one of the foundation of the Amaravati development project.  

Srinivas Rao, CMO, Department of Tourism (Govt. of Andhra Pradesh) said, “We are happy to welcome Bengaluru to come and witness the spectacular event that is followed by millions across the globe. We are confident this will change the way grand sporting events are held in the country. Amaravati is all set to put our country on the global sporting map with the F1H2O grand prix. The Government of Andhra Pradesh and AP Tourism has put together elaborate initiatives in terms of hospitality and logistics for all visitors and participants. Our efforts are an endeavour to create solid resonance for Amaravati with F1H2O.” 

Marco Pietrini, Director of Logistics, F1H2O is working closely to set up the teams and is extremely happy with the progress of the state in hosting the gala event, “I am happy with way this event is shaping up. The state of Andhra Pradesh and the Tourism department has left no stone unturned to put up a gala show for all spectators and visitors and I am confident this initiative will take the sport to greater heights in the years to come. I won’t be surprised if India has its own team competing on the global arena in the coming years.”

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