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NEWS WIZ Season 3 Grand Finale Winners get a chance to win a Trip to Oxford

Show slated for 3RD November on India Today Television ** 3 teams from South India in the Grand Finale
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 02-11-2018 | Views: 377
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India’s popular quiz show NEWS WIZ Season 3, the brain child of Mr Siddhartha Basu of KBC fame, anchored by veteran journalist Mr Rajdeep Sardesai is back with great aplomb, on India Today Television. The journey has been eclectic as students from as far from Kashmir to Kerala have participated in great numbers to make the show a super success. Now it is time for the GRAND FINALE and three teams from the south have scored over the rest and will battle it out on the 3rd November for the title of NEWS WIZ 2018. The lucky winners will also get a chance to go on a trip to Oxford, England. 

According to Mr Vivek Khanna, Group CEO, India Today Group said, “The scale of the show can be gauged from the fact that 7,50,000 students from different schools transcending geographical boundaries of the country participated and 3500 were selected through a process. The News Wiz team under the leadership of Mr Rajdeep Sardesai has travelled widely across the country to pick up Wild Card Entries for the very first time in this 3rd edition. The show has elicited a massive response from schools across the find the brightest brains. Hyderabad was one of the wild card entries that has reached the finale and has a shot at the title this year.”

As the stage is set for the Grand Finale, as three teams hailing from Thrissur (Sreeram Madhavan V & Paul Binu, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Vidya Mandir, Poochatty), Hyderabad (Hussain Ahmed & Syed Abdul, Mannan Little Flower High School, Hyderabad and Bengaluru represented by Dishita Swaika & Rishab Devaiah Sishu Griha Montessori High School, Bengaluru) will gear up for the final challenge and beat the odds to prove their mettle. The News Wiz trophy therefore moves to South India this year.

The on-ground event has been a roaring success, as students from the top schools of India making their mark with their intellect. A total of 3,500 students actively participated in the News Wiz hosted on-ground by the prolific TV anchor Mr Rajdeep Sardesai, as they fought hard for a wild card entry for the first time ever. The Euphoria created by News Wiz has been phenomenal & never seen before in the history of a Quizzing show. 

The iconic show is slated for the final countdown on 3rd November on India Today Television at 8 pm.

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