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India bags 210 awards in Cambridge exams 2017/18

Bangalore bags 13 'Top in World' Awards
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 25-10-2018 | Views: 376
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Cambridge International has conferred an impressive 210 Outstanding Cambridge LearnerAwards on Indian students. The awards recognize exceptional exam performance in 2017-18 under four categories – ‘Top in the World’, ‘Top in the Country’, High Achievement Award’ and ‘Best Across’.

In total, 62 ‘Top in the World’ awards have been won by students across India, out of which thirteen awards have been bagged by the students in Bengaluru.

The Top in the World awardsrecognize students who have achieved the highest mark in the world in a Cambridge IGCSE or Cambridge International AS & A Level subject in the November 2016, March 2018 and June 2018 Cambridge exam series.In the other three categories, ‘Top in the Country’, ‘High Achievement’ and ‘Best Across’, students in Indiahave won 94, 44and 10 awards respectively.

Ruchira Ghosh, Regional Director South Asia, Cambridge International, said: “We are thrilled by the performance of Cambridgestudents across India, not onlyin STEM subjects but also in subjects like Cambridge Global Perspectives, environmental management,drama and music.A Cambridge education is aboutsupporting schools to help students become confident, responsible, innovative, reflective and engaged, and to fulfil their potential. We wish the students well as they build on this success, and we extend our heartfelt congratulations to all the award winners, their teachers and parents. 

Ms. Anuradha Anekal, Principal, Deccan International School, Bengaluru, said “We are delighted to see students being recognised for their passion for learning. There is a marked increase in the class average with more students scoring higher grades. The improvement in results proves that learners enjoy and take ownership of their own learning. It is also largely due to the flexibility in subject selection which allows them to pick subjects of their liking. The focus of Cambridge International curriculum is to develop a lifelong passion for learning. The curriculum facilitates attitudes and skill development in students that enables them to utilize these in areas essential for growth. The curriculum and assessment is designed keeping in mind the Cambridge Learner attributes.”

The award winners from schools across the country will be recognised for their impressive academic achievements at a Cambridge Outstanding Learner Awardsceremony early next year.

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