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Sankara Eye Hospital Celebrated World Sight Day Cricket Tournament Championship 2018 League for the Visually Challenged

`Karun Nair encouraged the blind cricket players by accompanying them’
Bangalore | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 11-10-2018 | Views: 354
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Sankara Eye Hospital in association with Microsoft observed World Sight Day by organising World Sight Day cricket tournament championship 2018 League for visually challenged members of the society. Four teams from different trust participated in this championship. The chief guest for the event was eminent Indian International cricketer, Karun Nair who played few shots along with the team where he was blind folded.

Blind cricket is a version specially adapted for the visually impaired or partially sighted players. Using the common ‘sweep shot’ and essential rules of cricket with some modification, this form of cricket encourages and creates a scope for the visually challenged people to glorify their passion for cricket.

India, the country where cricket is worshipped to such a great extent. The ones, who cannot cherish the same way while watching cricket now. Channelizing them into cricket is a noble initiative taken up by Sankara Eye Hospital. 

The visually challenged are as passionate about cricket as any normal person is. By acknowledging and appreciating their affinity for cricket, it is a slight reassurance to their lives. This thrilling game embarks a new journey for their monotone vision, emerging hopes of a better life. The greatest achievement is their smile and enthusiasm with which they indulged in this magnificent game. 

"It is overwhelming to witness cricket in its raw form, connecting people irrespective of any disability. Well, disability isn’t the ideal term, these beautiful people have showcased such a great match, their energy and motivation is remarkable. Overcoming a disability is perhaps the toughest part. We as cricketers face so many hardships personally & also during the course of our career, may it be recovering from an injury or bad form. It is not easy to fight back, but their fight against life is beyond all this & I share my utmost respect for fighters like them. Rest, their smiles says how much they love cricket and this mutual bonding of loving cricket is imparable. Kudos to Sankara Eye Hospital for taking up this initiative to bring joy and light into lives of so many.” Expressed the right handed batsman Karun Nair who is the only 2nd triple centurion in Indian Test History. 

“World Sight Day celebration couldn’t have been any better! Karun Nair gracing and motivating the energetic teams, with his in-depth knowledge of cricket and generosity. We are really privileged to have him as our Chief Gust. Profoundly glad to spend the day with him.” Says Dr. Kaushik Murali, Paediatric Ophthalmologist & President, Sankara Eye Foundation.

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