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Vicat’s Bharathi Cement launches Ultrafast Cement in Karnataka

Group to continue expansion efforts in India ** Vicat Group had earlier acquired a 51% stake in Bharathi Cement Corporation Ltd. with 5 MTPA and a 100% stake in Kalburgi Cement with 2.75 MTPA. With the recently commissioned terminal in Mumbai and another plant to be commissioned at Visakhapatnam within 2 years, Vicat Group expects to drive the market more competitively leveraging the extended product portfolio
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 28-09-2018 | Views: 377
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Bharathi Cement a subsidiary of France based Vicat Group, has introduced a new cement product line called ‘Ultrafast Cement’ into their existing product portfolio. Bharathi’s Ultrafast Cement comes under the category of ‘Fast Setting Cement’and is specifically designed for high performance structures.

Highlighting the advantages of the new product,Mr. M.Ravinder Reddy, Director Marketing, Bharathi Cement said “Bharathi Ultrafast is a multipurpose fast setting green cement produced using robotic technology with a higher 1 day and higher 28 days strength. The Cement is designed to continue gaining strength even after the first 28 days. The product has an industry leading MPA ranging between 57 and 60 with thermal cracking prevention technology and corrosion inhibitors.These advantages enhances productivity in construction, achieves faster precasting even in humid conditions, increases stability of concrete slabs, beams and heavy load bearing applications, making it most suitable for ‘High Performance Structures’ and also for cement bricks manufacturing.” 

“India is a very important market for Vicat Group. India will see an unprecedented growth in infrastructure development in the years to come primarily driven by rapid urbanization and an increasingly growing logistics framework. We would definitely want to contribute and capitalize on this potential which is where Bharathi Ultrafast Cement product offering comes into perspective.We have started releasing the product in Karnataka and will be made available to all the dealers and sub dealers in the region by September 2018. The product will be priced Rs 20 more per bag, compared to our regular category Cement.” said Anoop Kumar Saxena, Chief Executive Officer, Vicat India.

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