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National Cyber Security Coordinator cautions against tardy implementation of security measures against cyber crime

Cybersecurity threats are nothing new to industry, but for many new age manufacturing organisations, these threats are becoming more acute than ever. With the current pace of digital transformation, coupled with new emerging technologies, and with the increased digital interconnectedness around the globe, the horizons to cybersecurity threats have considerably increased
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 26-09-2018 | Views: 283
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Dr. Gulshan Rai, National Cyber Security Coordinator, today cautioned against the slow pace of implementation of security measures in the face of growing cyber crime threats to the ICT ecosystem. 

“We cannot stop innovation but security implementation has to be given equal focus,” he said while inaugurating ‘BTS - CyberComm 2018’  here organised by  the Federation of Indian Chamber of Commerce & industry (FICCI) in association with Karnataka Innovation and Technology Society, and Government of Karnataka. The event was aimed at understanding the cybersecurity threats revolving around Industry 4.0 and smart manufacturing. 

Mr. Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary, IT, BT and S&T Department, Government of Karnataka, outlined the vision, priorities and steps taken by the Government of Karnataka for integrating security by design in the cyberspace ecosystem of the state. “Cybersecurity should be inherited by design in the cyberspace ecosystem,” he emphasised. 

Mr. Sanjay Mujoo, Vice President, Pointnext Global Centre Bangalore, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, India said that digital business is growing at an unprecedented rate and so is  the associated cybersecurity risk, adding that 40% of the cyber attacks happen in the manufacturing sector with 90% of them related to data theft and breaches. 

Mr. Yogesh Andlay, Founder, Nucleus Software & Polaris Financial Technology presented case studies of cyber attacks and their impact. Business disruption is an inevitable event, but being aware and ready is the first step of the fight against cybercrimes, he said. 

Mr. Ambrish Bakaya, Co-Chair, ICT and Digital Economy Committee FICCI, mentioned FICCI’s current agenda and future strategies in the areas of cybersecurity and digital transformation. He spoke of how emerging technologies were catalysing the digital revolution in India and said that FICCI is ready to collaborate and work with industry and Government towards furthering this agenda.

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