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63% Women hold themselves back from Top power positions at work, LEAD NOW survey

Flexibility does not always work for women Women say work flexibility policies exist in organizations, however, they are not readily available to them in practice: a lot depends on the nature of their work and their supervisors. 38% of the women say that taking advantage of flexible policies sometimes has a negative impact on their careers and they maybe regarded as less committed to the organisation
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 21-09-2018 | Views: 518
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63% women hold themselves back from higher positions at work,  VOICE NOW survey says. VoiceNOW is LeadNOW’s primary research to feel the pulse of working women in India.  The VoiceNOW Survey 2018 conducted for 369 Urban Indian working women tells a story of shifting mindsets and of women making more determined life and career choices. Bengaluru hosted women of substance, who have made a mark in their respective fields. “The Dialogue Interactive at The Leela Palace. 

This survey is based on 5 lifecycles of women, single, married, emptiness, married with kids,married and single. survey is carried on in various sectors working women- Manufacturing, IT, Banking, Consulting etc. This is carried based on 4Ps.

1. Power comfort
2. Pervasive guilt
3. Personal validation
4. Perpetual duality 

Power discomfort While majority of respondents indicated they would like to have powerful roles, the data showed that comfort with power did not increase with an increase in experience. This clearly shows a need for leadership training, mentoring & coaching for women.

Determined to succeed Financially independent, highly educated, and part of a dual career couple, women want to wait until their 30s to have children. By the time these women become first-time mothers, they will have established careers and employers will have invested significant time and resources to develop this talent pool. These mothers do not want to opt out of their careers because their employers rely on outdated stereotypes and employment policies that penalize motherhood. Although employers have now devoted resources to support parental leave and flexible work policies, 70% of the respondents felt there was a lack of a support system for women to resume work after a break.

Ridden with guilt The elephant in the room is the ‘double-shift syndrome’ - Indian women oft finding themselves embedded in a web of expectations and traditions. Long commutes, lack of sleep, low physical fitness, and long list of household chores trigger low self-esteem in women. Counseling at both personal and professional fronts will retain women talent in organisations.

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