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Bangalore gets India’s first largest Pet resort "PETCART “Nest” at Sarjapur Road

PETCART-NEST an exclusive pet resort in Bangalore, first time in India with this magnitude and facility, that is Pet Centric design and eco-friendly luxury resort
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 19-09-2018 | Views: 1316
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PETCART, a fully integrated pet care solutions company has launched “PETCART Nest”, an exclusive ret resort in Bangalore, India’s first luxury resort that is dedicated for Pets.

Situated in Sarjapur Road Bangalore, PETCART “NEST” is spread across 2 acres of lush green space and a 2000 sqft of reception area, with 70 eco friendly exclusive huts measuring 60 sqft in size for boarding the pets, a 1800 sft exclusive pets swimming pool with shower area and blowers facility to dry the pets after swim, 2 large size play area for the pets and a whole lot of other features like in house 24/7 Vet, flea and tick resistant environment, pet friendly well trained staff, facility to camp with your canines etc.  

PETCART Nest is developed after three years of extensive research amongst the Pet Parents, and studying the matured markets like USA under the guidance and mentorship of the well known Veterinary experts.  PETCART Nest is an exclusive dedicated resort where pet parents and their furry babies can spend stress free quality time under one roof and they also provide day care facility as well as camp with your pets where the pet parent can explore various adventures with their beloved pet as well as stay in a tent. 

In order to introduce this resort to the Pet Parents, PETCART is conducting a Carnival on 23rd September where all features and facilities will be showcased with Fun, Frolic Food and great Music for pets and pet parents. The entry for this event will be FREE for the pet parent to explore. 

Commenting on the launch, Shekhar Gaonkar Co-Founder and CEO shared his enthusiasm to bring distinctive “PETCART Nest” to Bangalore.  “With the steady increase of pet adoption and limited stress free avenues available for pets in Bangalore, we are optimistic that PETCART Nest will be an ideal luxury destination for pets and pet parents. 

In our endeavour to create a healthy and happy pet world, PETCART on its journey to become first fully integrated pet lifecycle company. As a part of this we have rolled out Store, Pulse and Nest. We will continue to innovate to simplify pet parenting through various products”, Gaonkar added.

Commenting on the launch, Nilendu Maiti, Co-founder mentioned, “To celebrate happy pet parenting, we will have one Sunday of every month devoted to celebrate the birthday of pets that falls in that calendar month. To address the key challenges of new pet parents, at PETCART Nest we will provide hand-holding and training to first time pet parents on how to handle pets at every stages of their growing up.”

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