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Launch of Bangalore Dream United - a Football Team

Bangalore Dream United Football Club, a new and truly a homegrown team, was launched during a simple ceremony with the motto of galvanizing the football culture and providing opportunities for young players to develop in the right direction and under a proper structure
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 04-09-2018 | Views: 438
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Bengaluru now has another football team comprising quality players who are rigorously trained at Bangalore Dream United, a football club that has built strong processes of player development. BDUFC has one of the very few residential football academies in the country that has a year-long extensive training program backed by injury management techniques.

Founded by Sharath Kamath, a former CIL player and coach, the team with an array of new players is all set to play in this season’s Super Division League.

“BDUFC's competence lies in non-reliance on foreign players and coaching staff. Bringing the football culture into the Indian sports arena, player development, and sustaining in a professional manner are our main goals. India has great potential in terms of player resource. The problem is, most bright and young players fail to sustain 
at the national or international levels due to the huge training gap between Indian players and the elites of the game. Our aim is to bridge this game with a program designed with innovative footballing structure and highperformance training techniques.”Sharath explained.

BDUFC head coach S.P.Shaji told, “The most important thing for me is discipline. Being with the various army teams, I've emphasized on discipline, both on and off the pitch when it comes to playing professionally. All the supporting staff in BDUFC has the same vision. I am sure that within a short period, we are going to produce some good quality players and good results.” 

Abhishek Jagan, High Performance Coach of team, said, “Having worked on high performance athletic training in multiple sports in several countries and at the highest level of ISL in India, I've evaluated what goes into making of world-class players and ?what the Indian players lack. We've built a program to provide a strong foundation for 
player development to help them sustain for a long time.” We are glad to have received support from our sponsors Raman group of institutions, GM Infinite, Decathlon, Fast&Up and Verbinden who helped us make this campaign possible

BDUFC also unveiled the team jersey. Players, office-bearers of the club and dignitariesfrom the football fraternity were present.

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