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The Cherian Foundation launches Gift Hair Gift Confidence campaign in Partnership with Ladies circle India and B&H Exports for the year 2018-19

The partnership of the Cherian foundation, B&H exports and Ladies Circle India ensure that world class wigs are provided to deserving patients and this initiative will continue to support kidwai and Adyar cancer institute
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 08-08-2018 | Views: 963
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In a show of support to cancer survivors, The Cherian Foundation (Corporate social responsibility wing of B&H exports) launched its flagship campaign GIFT hair Gift Confidence at Mount Carmel College, Bangalore.  The Cherian foundation in association with ladies circle India Kick start the Pan India hair donation drive to be followed by a mega wig donation drive  at Kidwai memorial hospital and subsequently Adyar cancer Institute . Today about 50 girls have gifted their hairs and One girl (Drithi Agarwal) has donated her hair completely.

“Gift Hair Gift Confidence was Instituted on 5th June world cancer survivor day .The campaign aims at collecting hair donations directly from donors or through hair donation drives to make  natural human hair  wigs for distribution to the marginalised cancer patients. This campaign aims to boost the confidence of women detected with cancer to step forward and avail treatment “said Sara .Benjamin Cherian trustee ,The Cherian Foundation

Prior to its inception in 2018 the Gift hair Gift Confidence Campaign was known by its earlier name, ‘The cherian foundation wig donation drive’, through which, 450 wigs have been donated to needy cancer patients over a 4-year period.

All charitable activities of B&H Exports are managed and executed by its Corporate Social Responsibility trust, The Cherian Foundation (TCF).” The foundation has initiated cancer awareness camps, built a play-park for children affected with cancer and mobilised funds to provide wigs to cancer survivors. The foundation also conducts hair styling classes to orient the patients on wig usage thereby easing the patient’s transition into wearing a wig on a daily basis. The foundation has also included a new programme wherein the wigs returned by patients are sanitised, refurbished and made available for deserving cancer patients” said Sara B Cherian, Trustee of the Cherian Foundation

Mr. George.B. Cherian, MD of B&H exports said, “B&H exports has been revolutionising human hair industry for over 40 years. The company’s technical expertise has helped maximize the number of wigs from the hair collected to provide wigs of international quality, ideally suited for humid conditions.

“Ladies Circle India, a non-profit organization is proud to be associated with The Cherian Foundation for the 2nd consecutive year. This year marks the golden jubilee year of ladies circle India and makes it all the more worthy to associate with Gift Hair Gift Confidence and bring smile upon women “.Cr.Namrata Shenoy National president Ladies Circle India

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