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Young Auto driver from Bangalore saves 6 lives through organ donation

The organs that were retrieved were transported to different hospitals in the city and as well as to a private hospital in Chennai
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 19-07-2018 | Views: 368
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A family of a 23 year old auto driver from Bengaluru who was declared brain-dead following an accident donated his vital organs, including two kidneys, 2 lungs, 1 liver, 1 pancreas, 2 corneas, heart valves and skin to benefit patients in Bangalore & Chennai. He is one of the donor who has donated maximum number of organs and has saved the lives of 6 patients.

The patient had met with an accident while riding his motorcycle on 13th July. He suffered a head injury & was rushed to a private hospital and for further treatment after two days that is on 16th of July, he was shifted to Apollo Hospital, Bannergatta road where doctors after observation declared him brain-dead. Following counselling from the Apollo hospital team, his parents consented to donate his organ. The procedure of organ retrieval was conducted by Transplant team at Apollo Hospitals.

“This was a highly complicated & challenging procedure for the doctors due to retrieving multiple organs by a single donor considering the limited time given, the team of dedicated doctors made it possible for the organs to be successfully retrieved on 17th morning. Transplant team at Apollo Hospitals would like to thank the donor family for taking this bold decision and setting an example in the society.

One kidney & liver was transplanted at Apollo Hospital, Bengaluru to a 62 year old woman who was suffering from end stage kidney and liver diseases. She was on maintenance dialysis, who use to visit Apollo hospital thrice per week for past one year for her treatment. The doctors at Apollo hospital with their expertise conducted a combined transplant of kidney and liver yesterday on her and the woman is recovering now” - said Dr. S T Gopal Senior Consultant- Medical Gastroenterology & Transplant Hepatology, Apollo Hospital, Bannergatta Road, Bangalore.

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