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Italian luxury watch brand Meccaniche Veneziane enters India

An amalgamation of Swiss manufacture with Italian design!
New Delhi | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 10-07-2018 | Views: 467
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The Italian luxury watch brand Meccaniche Veneziane has forayed into the Indian market through an exclusive marketing and distribution partnership with Excedo Luxuria, the Ultra Luxury Brand Distributor and Retailer. This alliance establishes Excedo Luxuria as the exclusive retail store and online partner for the Meccaniche Veneziane brand and its range of vintage inspired timepieces across the India subcontinent. 

Mr. Rahul Kapoor, Co Founder, Excedo Luxuria says, “Meccaniche Veneziane delivers style and functionality combined with passionate Italian design. It is a niche brand positioned as an affordable luxury lifestyle product and will appeal to the new generation of watch enthusiasts”.

Alberto Morelli, Partner, Meccaniche Veneziane, Italy says, “We are excited about entering India in collaboration with our brand partner Excedo Luxuria, a company that understands the intricacies of the burgeoning luxury market in the country. We are confident that Meccaniche Veneziane will offer design conscious consumers a beautiful brand experience by allowing them to explore new avenues in watch design”.

Meccaniche Veneziane offers high-precision mechanical watches with Swiss movements that are designed and manufactured in Italy with the utmost attention to detail by skilled craftsmen. In the Indian market, the brand introduces its complete range which consists of the series: Nereide, Redentore and Arsenale models. The Nereide watches are tough and sporty and available in various colors. The Redentore models have a more classic character and a smaller case of 41mm. The clean dial symbolizes the classic and minimalist design. Whereas the more robust   Arsenale watches in Diver’esque steel case, is very special because of its design and retro look. Each watch is accompanied by ‘Made in Italy’, hand stitched vegetable tanned leather strap hand packaged in solid walnut wood boxes.  

Positioned as an affordable luxury brand, Meccaniche Veneziane timepieces will be retailed in India between Rs. 45,000 & Rs.75,000. Initially the brand will be retailed exclusively through Excedo Luxuria’s concept store in New Delhi and its online portal, ‘’. Plans are afoot to retail Meccaniche Veneziane watches in select multi brand luxury watch outlets in key metros across India.

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