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Minister K J George to inaugurate state-of-the-art Sandbox ESDM Cluster in Hubballi

It is equipped with facilities for design and prototype development, batch production, final assembly testing facility. The ESDM cluster also includes new generation fully automatic SMT facilities with the capability to handle Lead-free (pb) processes
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 09-07-2018 | Views: 519
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Sandbox Startups ESDM Cluster, a state-of-the-art facility set up at the Sandbox Startups in Hubballi to encourage electronics startups in the North Karnataka region, will be inaugurated on July 17.

K J George, Minister for IT & BT, Science & Technology and Large & Medium Scale Industries, Government of Karnataka, will inaugurate the ESDM Cluster during a ceremony scheduled at 4.30 pm on the day. The minister will be accompanied by Gaurav Gupta, Principal Secretary, IT & BT, Government of Karnataka, and a few senior government officials.

Dr. ‘Desh’ Deshpande, Founding Trustee of Deshpande Foundation, will be present at the inaugural along with Vivek Pawar, Chief Executive Officer of Deshpande Foundation; C M Patil, Chief Executive Officer, Sandbox Startup, and the other dignitaries.

The 6000 sqft. Sandbox ESDM Cluster will reduce iterations of the product development lifecycle by enabling startups to rapidly go from idea to prototyping, leveraging the facilities for product testing and certification.

The new facility will particularly benefit technology entrepreneurs in North Karnataka in the space of electronics system design and manufacturing (ESDM) and puts them on par with their counterparts in a big city like Bangalore where such a facility exists.

About half a dozen startups being incubated in Sandbox Startups in Hubballi will be the immediate beneficiaries of ESDM cluster.

“The government of Karnataka has been the support to the Sandbox Startups ecosystem. We thank the government for its support in setting up the ESDM cluster out of Bangalore which helps nurture young electronic entrepreneurs in North Karnataka,” said Dr ‘Desh’ Deshpande.

Sandbox ESDM Cluster caters to the electronics manufacturing solutions. It has the modern infrastructure to support startups in various verticals includes automotive, consumer durables, instrumentation, medical and telecommunication among others.


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