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Ecosystm appoints renowned IT industry veteran Neelam Dhawan as Board Advisor

Singapore headquartered technology research firm continues to add strong governance and leadership to continue cementing its global footprint
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 06-07-2018 | Views: 310
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Ecosystm, a disruptive technology research and advisory firm, has today announced the appointment of accomplished IT industry veteran Neelam Dhawan as Board Advisor. Globally recognised as one of the Most Powerful Women in Business by titles including Fortune, Forbes and Business Today, Neelam has played an instrumental role in shaping the IT industry in India. 

In an illustrious career spanning 35 years, Neelam has held various senior executive roles within technology giants including Hewlett Packard, Microsoft and IBM. Neelam has been instrumental in shaping the Indian technology market during her tenures as Managing Director for Hewlett Packard, leading one of the largest markets for the company. Prior to Hewlett Packard, she was the Managing Director for Microsoft in India. Most recently, Neelam served as Vice President for Global Industries, Strategic Alliances and Inside Sales, Asia Pacific and Japan at Hewlett Packard Enterprise, where she oversaw a number of mergers and acquisitions for the company. 

Neelam brings a proven track record in managing transformation across industries, including banking and finance, telecommunications, manufacturing, healthcare and government. In her new role at Ecosystm, Neelam will provide ongoing counsel to the board, in concurrence with her existing roles as board member at Dutch technology giant Royal Philips, and ICICI Bank Limited India. 

Commenting on the appointment, Amit Gupta, Founder and CEO at Ecosystm, said “Neelam requires no introduction. A technology visionary who was instrumental in the rapid rise of India’s IT industry, we are proud to welcome her to the fold. Ecosystm prides itself on being an industry disruptor and Neelam embodies that spirit. We look forward to tapping into her wealth of experience and expertise in leading major IT transformations as we look to expand our model globally.” 

Neelam Dhawan, Board Advisor at Ecosystm added: “Ecosystm proves that we can make data and insights accessible to all, and propel the wider technology industry to new heights. In its ability to identify and address the key pain points to help businesses optimise and make informed decisions, I strongly believe that Ecosystm has boundless potential for growth through disruption, and look forward to contributing counsel to support their expansion.” 

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