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Rainbow Children's Hospital successfully conducts 2,000 deliveries

Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 06-07-2018 | Views: 547
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It was a special occasion in Bengaluru when the parents along with their babies got a chance to meet their doctors. This was possible as Birthright by Rainbow Hospitals had organised a unique programme to honour the parents and babies as they achieved a new milestone-"successfully conducting 2,000 deliveries in Bengaluru". As the name suggested, the programme offered a platform for all the parents whose babies were delivered at Rainbow to come and meet the doctors and share their experiences.

Bhavani, one of the parents who were present on the occasion said, "We often wonder why most of the deliveries are through Caesarean. My first baby was born through Caesarean in a different hospital and it was very painful experience. However, when I was pregnant again, I was told that if the first delivery is caesarean then the second delivery will also be through C-section. However, I was not ready for this and wanted a normal delivery. This was when I met Dr Kavitha Kovi at Rainbow Children's Hospital who suggested me a few tips which I had to follow. Finally, my second baby was through a normal delivery. Today, I am here to thank the Rainbow family for making delivery such a pleasurable experience."

Renowned Gynaecologist and Obstetrician Dr.Kavitha Kovi said, "We encourage a lot of normal and painless deliveries. Today, I can proudly say our NICU is the best. We have organised the programme to send the message that motherhood is the most beautiful experience that a woman can experience and we are here to support it." Another parent from the city said that he had twins but both of them had to be in NICU for one and a half month. "However, now both the twins are doing well and I have come to thank the doctors," he said.

Neeraj Lal (cluster head and vice-president), Rainbow Children's Hospital said, "We feel every number is a milestone. Currently, the neo natal mortality rates in India are in double digits. Our mission is to bring it to single digit. We also want to say that Rainbow is not just a birth right hospital but also a complete kid’s super speciality hospital with facilities like kidney transplants. We are also proud to state that Rainbow Hospitals are the number two gyanec and number one paediatric hospital in the country."

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