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Greenwood High students shine in IB Diploma Exam 2018

Two students from Greenwood High clinch the perfect score of 45 in the exam
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 06-07-2018 | Views: 331
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Two students from Greenwood High, Shivali Verma and Neev Vaibhav Parikh have secured the perfect score of 45 in their IB Diploma Exam 2018 and would be pursuing their undergraduate studies in Ivy League colleges in the USA. A student achieves a perfect score if he/she scores 7, the highest grade, in all six academic subjects and 3 points for Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge. 

While the school has always been consistent in producing outstanding academic records in IB Diploma Program every year, adding a feather to its cap is the fact that in this year out of 90 candidates who have appeared in the exam, 14 students achieved a total grade point of 40 and above. Shourya Mukherjee has scored 44 points, four students namely Himanshu Nagar, Raneesh Ramarapu, Divya Manikandan and Nishant Govind have scored 43 points, Mrigank Arora has scored 42 points, Nidhi Giridhar and Rohan Shankar have scored 41 points. The five students with 40 points are Nikhil Sebastian, Anshuman Senapati, Himanshi Sharma, Shrikar Amiri Setty and Rashmie Sriraghavan. Although a score of 40 and above is regarded as excellent, scores of 35 to 39 are nonetheless considered to be good too. Of the batch of 90, 33 students have scored 35 to 39 points. Thus, over 50 % of the classes have performed quite well. 

When asked how he felt on accomplishing such a feat Neev expressed, “The IB curriculum is challenging; it demands hard work, grit and perseverance. I approached the two years of IB with the same mindset: of trying to learn and do better with each failure. In that, my alma mater, Greenwood High, was invaluable, providing excellent support and guidance. I plan on attending Brown University in the fall, where I hope to major in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship.” 

Speaking on the occasion, Ms. Niru Agarwal, Trustee, Greenwood High International School said “Our students have yet again carried on the legacy of the institution by performing wonders in their boards and making us immensely proud. The effort and dedication put in by our students and teachers have indeed paid off. I extend my hearty congratulations to all of them and wish them success for their future endeavors.”

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