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USG Boral Invests US$39 Million in New Manufacturing Plant at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh

New manufacturing facility will add 30 million m2 of plasterboard capacity to support USG Boral’s commitment to the Indian market
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 06-07-2018 | Views: 248
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USG Boral, a leader in building products technology, hosted a Ground Breaking Ceremony for its new manufacturing plant at Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. The new plant will be operated by its India business unit, USG Boral Building Products India Pte Ltd. Frederic De Rougemont, CEO; Dan Casey, Senior Vice President, Asia and Middle East, USG Boral and Sumit Bidani, CEO, USG Boral (India) were present at the occasion. 

The plant will support USG Boral’s commitment in the region as the company looks for ways to better serve its customers. This location will allow for 30 million m2 of plasterboard capacity in a standalone facility located in Sri City. The new facility will add to USG Boral’s presence in India, where it currently operates two other facilities, a 9 million m2 plasterboard and metal plant in Khushkhera, near New Delhi, and a joint compound and putty plant, in the Chennai area.  

The new plant at Sri City is expected to be fully operational in 18 months, and more than 100 people are expected to be employed at full capacity. An investment of US$39 million is being made in this new facility. 

Frederic de Rougemont, CEO of USG Boral, said that its customers in India will benefit from the world-leading technology available to USG Boral, which will be used in the products built at the facility in Sri City, Andhra Pradesh. 

“This facility offers us the ability to significantly increase our operations in India and provide our customers in the region with the best plasterboard products.”  

“We are committed to delivering the highest quality and most technologically advanced building solutions for walls and ceilings across Asia, Australasia and the Middle East,” said Mr. de Rougemont. 

“Our India business has experienced strong growth and this investment further positions the company to continue supplying our customers in the South as demand for high quality, high strength plasterboard products grows in the medium and longer-term,” said Dan Casey, Senior Vice President, Asia and Middle East, USG Boral. 

Sumit Bidani, CEO, USG Boral (India) said, “The Sri City facility is in line with our overall strategy to grow our business in India and establish USG Boral as the leading player in the building products technology and solutions space in the country.”  

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