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Narayana Health City performs Karnataka's First Double Lung Transplant

~The transplant gives a new lease of life to a 28 year old youth from Thrissur~
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 05-07-2018 | Views: 222
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Doctors at Narayana Health City gives a new lease of life to a 28 year old young man by conducting a double lung transplant. The transplant makes Narayana Health City the first hospital in the state to successfully conduct a double lung transplant. 

Hailing from Thrissur, Kerala, Sudeesh M V was a construction worker until he started developing severe bronchiectasis which led to lung failure. In the last one year his condition had worsened making him dependant on oxygen support. In fact, he was finding it difficult to even move around. Every step he took made him feel as though he was climbing a mountain. The family’s search for a treatment led them to Narayana Health City and he was admitted at Narayana Health City in the month of February. 

After a thorough evaluation by the doctors, he was advised to undergo lung transplant. However, as he was suffering from severe infections, the first task at hand for the doctors was to stabilise his condition. Once he was stable, the doctors began the search for a matching lung. Fortunately, for him within three months, the team was able to identify matching lungs for him.  The donor was from Sparsh Hospital, Yeshwantpur.  The doctors successfully performed the transplant on June 20th and the patient is recovering fast. 

Elaborating about the lung transplant, Dr. Julius Punnen, Heart & Lung Transplant Surgeon, Narayana Health City said, “Lung transplant is a very complex surgery. It is the only successful treatment modality available for lung failure. In fact, unlike other organs the functioning of lungs cannot be aided by external long term support, it needs a transplant. However, in this case it was not just one, we had to transplant both the lungs making it very challenging. With the help of our expert team of transplant surgeons, pulmonologist and para medical staff we were able to successfully perform the surgery.” 

The challenging double lung transplant was performed by the multi disciplinary team led by Dr. Julius Punnen, Heart & Lung Transplant Surgeon, Dr. Basha Khan, Transplant Pulomonologist, Dr. Julius Punnen, Senior Consultant Cardiothoracic, Vascular and Transplant surgeon, Dr. Syed Tousheed, Pulmonologist, Dr. Sanjay OP, Transplant Pulmonologist, Dr. Varun Shetty, Cardiothoracic Surgeon  and team of support staff.   

Expressing his joy, Mr. Sudeesh MV said, “After a long struggle with infections and hospitalisation, I am extremely thankful to team of doctors at Narayana Health for giving me a new lease of life. I can now lead a normal life and get back to my work.” 

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