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More Indian students seek opportunities in Ireland

~ The session witnessed an overwhelming response from Indian students who seek to explore different opportunities available in Ireland ~
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 02-07-2018 | Views: 687
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Education in Ireland, the government body that promotes Ireland as location for higher education, along with the Embassy of Ireland, organized their annual pre-departure briefing in 3 cities in New Delhi, Bengaluru and Mumbai on 25th June (Monday), 27th June (Wednesday) and 29th June (Friday) respectively. 

Barry O’Driscoll, Senior Education Advisor, delivered a presentation that captured topics ranging from academic life, accommodation, and the cost of living. He also covered academics as well and the other opportunities for Indian students in Ireland. The session was aimed to better equip the students as they embark upon their new and potentially life-changing adventure. The visa office delivered an in-depth presentation on the visa application process.

Having chosen Ireland as the destination to pursue their higher education, more than 600 interested students and parents took center stage to ask questions regarding the exciting prospects of moving to Ireland and also meeting their fellow students. The session in Delhi also witnessed the newly appointed Manager of Enterprise Ireland - David Flood, interacting with the students and parents who were keen to know more about Ireland.

While attending his first pre-departure in India as the Manager of Enterprise Ireland, David Flood said, “I am extremely pleased to see the growing interest of Indian students to Ireland.  Education in Ireland’s pre-departure briefing is conducted with an aim to introduce students about the diverse opportunities they will witness in Ireland and also provides a platform to interact with their fellow students and alumni and to build a better network. We are looking forward to seeing them at their respective Institutions this year.”

Barry O’Driscoll, Senior Education Advisor, Education in Ireland said, “Every year, Education in Ireland organizes the Pre-departure briefing and will continue to support Indian students and recognizes their potential and commitment. This year’s session in each city was spectacular, as we have seen 40% of growth in interest among Indian students. We are glad that the Irish Institutes have been so well received in India and looking forward to understanding how their experience in Ireland has served to enhance the careers of these rising stars.”

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