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'Sports can bring an economic change' says Dr. Achyuta Samanta

The Social Business Day under the mentorship of Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate has brought together the examples of innovative social businesses solving deep-rooted social problems for seven years now. It is a platform for innovation operating at the intersection of science, technology, community, and culture
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 30-06-2018 | Views: 298
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Sports not only brings a social but can also an economic change, said Rajya Sabha MP, Dr. Achyuta Samanta.

Dr. Samanta (who is the Founder of Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology and Kalinga Institute of Social Sciences) was speaking on the topic "Sports and Social Business" at the 8th Social Business Day held in Bengaluru on Friday. The programme was hosted by Yunus Social Business, India in Collaboration with INK and Infosys.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Samanta said that sports had a power not only to bring good things but also to eliminate bad things. Talking from his experience of KISS where scores of tribal students have excelled and made the country proud at national and international level games, Dr. Samanta said there was a need to promote sports in India in a bigger way.

"Sports bring patience, confidence, peace, happiness, brotherhood, and harmony etc. It is very important to note that sports have a great impact on the economy of a country. It helps to create a business. If you look at Yogasana today and how the growing popularity of yoga is increasing business for those involved with yoga and yoga related products. I feel that the credit of popularising Yoga should go to our Hon'ble Prime Minister Narendra Modi who has made yoga a global phenomenon in the last four years. At the same time, the yoga has also given a boost to business in the last four years," said Dr. Achyuta Samanta.

He said that it was very much essential to create awareness on sports among the youth. If a teenager is into the sport, then s/he is likely to stay away from bad habits and wrong influences. "Many corporates should come forward to help sports in a bigger way in India. As many KISS students have been good sportspersons, they have been able to get good jobs including in government sector. Overall, sports not only bring social but also an economic change," he added.

The Social Business Day is the signature event of the Yunus Centre which marks an annual celebration of social business with participation from social business practitioners, academicians and researchers, students and enthusiasts from across the world. The theme of 8th Social Business Day is 'A world of three Zeros: Zero Poverty, Zero Unemployment, Zero Net Carbon Emissions.' 

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