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Innovative workshops by differently abled

A first of its kind leading to 100% productivity for corporate employees
Bengaluru | Written by: BNN Team | Updated: 27-06-2018 | Views: 346
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Miracle on Wheels providing a platform to hundreds of differently abled people. The differently abled artists are trained in such a way that they can perform any difficult postures on their wheelchairs. The artist’s brilliant, innovative, aesthetically crafted therapeutic workshops are very useful for employees of corporate companies. These workshops are Educative, Motivating, Entertaining, Therapeutic as well as life transforming in nature. 

Miracle on Wheels Director, Mahiraa Jaan states “Our dynamic soul-stirring workshops are aimed at recognizing, nurturing and enabling the hidden potential of each employee of the company. Our pioneering effort is to showcase the indomitable spirit which enables and empowers the individuals working in the companies to produce 100% results. Most of the employers are unaware of their employees’ hidden potential and talents and these specially designed workshops which has evolved over the years through intense research and development, have proved that it will bring out attitudinal change at the work place.” 

One must see to believe the abilities of these special artists and how accomplished they are in portraying the most difficult acts in the therapeutic dance-theatre productions. These special performances dispel many myths about disabilities and persons with disabilities. These ingeniously conceived and beautifully crafted interactive programs will instill in their hearts to build a productive, peaceful, constructive and educative environment.  

It instantly motivates employees to dream big and work hard to make the organization’s dreams come true. Each employee has a reservoir of potential talents which they are mostly unaware of. The differently-abled artists’ spell-bound workshops will motivate the audience to make full use of their potential capabilities and comprehend their inner power.

The spinning speed of the wheelchairs is faster than an accomplished ballet dancer’s spins! Many such spectacular workshops and performances by the differently-abled artists are deeply moving and beautifully presented. These workshop productions are first of its kind anywhere in the world.

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